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Zebra Medical making AI-enabled Healthcare Solutions Affordable Globally

  • 29 October 2017
  • Jermaine Wright

AI1 is a new suite that offers all its current and future algorithms to healthcare providers globally for $1 USD per scan.

The leading Deep Learning Imaging Analytics Company, announced the suite earlier this week.

According to Zebra Medical Vision, currently, the system can detect 11 different ailments and will be able to sniff out six more by the end of 2017. The company plans to release 35 diagnostic products in total within a year.

The three-year-old company’s unique deep learning engine will allow healthcare organizations to automatically detect chronic diseases such as breast cancer, brain trauma lung, liver, hypertension, heart and bone diseases earlier.

This gives those organizations the opportunity to establish preventative care programs, improving care while reducing the overall patient treatment costs

Over the last two decades, the rising demand for imaging services has outpaced the supply of qualified physicians. Due to this, radiologists and other ‘clinicals’ are pressured and overworked and with 2 Billion people expected to join middle age in the next decade, a crisis is imminent.

However, Zebra med’s AI-enabled healthcare solutions will provide the needed clinical and computational horsepower that can significantly enhance the capabilities of radiologists to mitigate against this.

Automated assistance systems like Zebra’s will contribute to a more comprehensive, quantitative and consistent reporting, improving the output of radiologists and contributing to overall improved patient care.

AI1 is Zebra med’s commitment to making AI-enabled healthcare solutions affordable globally, including its current and future algorithms available for a low flat price per scan.

“We believe that a true difference can be made in the provision of radiology services worldwide, especially in countries where access to radiology is difficult by committing to provide our current tools, and all future ones, for a flat $1 USD per scan,” Elad Benjamin, Co-founder and CEO of Zebra Medical Vision said in a statement.

The medical world is excited at the possibilities AI-enabled healthcare solutions such as Zebra-med’s AI1 will bring in the near future.

“Machine Learning will change the way Radiology is practised in the coming years. It will make radiologists more productive, and as the technology is implemented widely, new use cases and value propositions will emerge. It is a very exciting time for radiology,” says Prof. Gabriel Krestin, Chairman of the Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at Erasmus MC, University Medical Centre Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Zebra Med analytics engine has analyzed more than 1 million patient scans to date and is deployed in over 50 hospitals worldwide, and.

In just three years, the company Headquartered in Israel, has been named a Top 5 global AI company (FastCompany), Top 50 AI Leader (Fortune), Cool Vendor (Gartner) and has won the Social Impact Award by Nvidia.

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