XYZprinting Targets Consumers with Cheaper, Smaller 3D Printers

  • 10 January 2018
  • Sam Mire

2018 is set to be a big year for 3D printer manufacturer XYZprinting, with the expansion of 3D printing technology further into the consumer marketplace being at the heart of their goals. More specifically, it seems that schools and small businesses will flank their general consumer target audience.

XYZprinting CEO Simon Shen confirmed as much in a statement, saying their goal is to “provide casual users and small business owners the tools and confidence to try their hand at this technology and incorporate it into their everyday lives.”

This mission is exemplified by the da Vinci Nano, a relatively affordable $229 3D printer that offers not only a reasonable price point, but ease of use that will be appealing to the first-time or casual 3D printing novice and/or hobbyist. As a portable, single-color 3D printer, it offers features such as autocalibration and an auto-feeding filament system which limit the demand on user expertise. It also has a fully enclosed design, meaning that novice users of additive manufacturing cannot injure themselves due to exposed high heat levels, even if their inexperience made them inclined to do so. It will be capable of printing objects up to 4.7 square inches and doesn’t even represent the most cost-friendly release of XYZprinting’s coming calendar year.

da Vinci nano – XYZprinting

That accolade goes to the da Vinci 3D Pen Cool, which will carry a lowly price tag of $45. This is aimed at a younger demographic, a wise move by a company looking to introduce a school-age demo to the basics of additive manufacturing. The pen, as its name implies, has temperature modification technology that makes it cool to the touch, and will extrude PLA plastic filament, which in combination with the air will create a ‘3D sculpture’ that is most obviously meant to augment existing images. Powered by a micro USB cable, this is sure to be a hot gift or purchase for art departments and others looking to wow a young person who considers themselves drawing-inclined.

XYZprinting’s last product announced for 2018 is less cost-effective, as the $3800 Da Vinci Color AiO color 3D printer has a wider range of features and capabilities, most obvious among them being color printing. It also will reportedly have voice recognition technology, for those that are into talking to their machines. XYZ’s U.S. Associate Manager has a clear vision of where this technology will eventually lead.

“Ideally what this means for voice recognition is that a car company like Ford can keep digital inventory of their parts and users can give a command of ‘search a 1999 Ford radio tuner for my car,’ and the part can easily be located and printed,” Frank Peng said.

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