Adrian Bysiak/123RF Review: 5 Reasons to Choose xCoins in 2017

  • 2 October 2017
  • James Njau

Bitcoins! Bitcoins! The new wave of cryptocurrency that has taken the world by storm! Those who have tried investing in this cryptocurrency know that it can be both profitable and a pain as well! The problem comes in when you want to identify the best exchange platform that gets your Bitcoins to your wallet hassle-free. You might be duped to sign up with unreliable partners, and even if you get a good marketplace, it takes forever to get your hands on those profits. This is where proves to come in handy, ensuring such issues are a thing of the past.

With a peer to peer structure, xCoins has built a platform that allows users to not only develop a community of profit-making individuals but also a respectable Bitcoin exchange marketplace. With Sergey Nikitin as the CEO plus a team of cryptocurrency experts behind him, it's pretty clear that is value-driven and aims to make life in the cryptocurrency space much more bearable. At the moment it has achieved over 100% automation of its platform, allowing lenders and buyers to buy and sell as they please with zero restrictions.

Additionally, it offers 100% guarantees on the profit margins for its users, therefore, building a safety net that protects everyone.  Here’s what you are going to enjoy!

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Top 5 benefits of


1. Faster transactions

Thanks to its secure Bitcoin loan service, xCoins is able to deliver Bitcoins to its users much faster compared to regular exchanges. This is because it doesn't insist on a tedious verification process and with money as collateral for Bitcoins; the whole process is left to be fast and reliable.

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2. Easy  setup

Getting started with XCoins is as easy as setting up an email account. That's right! By just following some simple steps, you will be in a matter of minutes.  There’s more – the platform allows you to use a variety of payment methods, including a customer service that is always available in case of any trouble.

3. Beginner Friendly

xCoins's website is not only user-friendly with a straightforward user interface, but also a good place for beginners in the Bitcoin market enjoy the freedom to choose whether to be a lender or a borrower. You may not believe it, but with deposits as low as $20 any entry level Bitcoin enthusiast can start trading bitcoins on its open market. Yes, it’s that amazing!

4. Secure

Let’s face: with a large community of buyers and sellers, things can get out of hand (it has happened with many companies in the industry).  However, xCoins has managed to develop a reputation for excellence and at the top of its agenda is the security of its users' funds. This is achieved as a result of its automated transaction process that only matches borrowers with lenders that have sufficient Bitcoins in their wallet.

5. Easy reversal and exchange

Just like transactions done with cash, Bitcoin transactions are irreversible on most platforms out there. You will be happy to hear that this is not the case with xCoins! The platform allows you to easily protect yourself from scammers with its secure lending where you get Bitcoins for cash as a loan. Plus its automated platform does not only make it faster but also makes it possible for you to return your Bitcoins for your cash back in case you change your mind. Now that’s what we call reliability!

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Top 10 Question About XCoins


1. How does XCoins work?

This is a good question to start with. Well, xCoins actually works like an exchange platform, only with some slight improvements. First of all, it is much quicker than your regular exchanges, plus, instead of restricting its payment methods to credit cards alone, it allows you the freedom to use PayPal as well.

2. How does XCoins give out secured loans?

To understand how it lends out its secured loans, you need to first know how a secured loan works.  A simple definition is that a secured loan is one which the lender is given a pledge in form of money to act as loan collateral for the Bitcoins he or she lends out. A good example would be a car or mortgage loan. xCoins's secured loans work in the same way only that money is used as collateral for Bitcoins.

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3. Do I still get my money back when the price of Bitcoin changes?

Of course, you do! It’s possible to obtain your money back even with the fluctuating Bitcoin market. However, you need to know that since the Bitcoin price is highly volatile, all the loans from xCoins are denominated in US dollars. This means your returns will be equal to the equivalent dollar amount of your coins.

4. What payment methods are accepted by xCoins?

Once you have already set up your account with xCoins and are ready to start buying or selling Bitcoins, you will have to choose your payment method. The good news is that with xCoins, you have various ways to pay, therefore enjoying the freedom to go with what works best for you. Here are the options that you have at your disposal:

  • Paypal Credit
  • Paypal Balance
  • Debit Card
  • (ACH) Bank account

5. How does xCoins’s peer to peer platform work?

The fact that xCoins platform allows anyone to either choose to be a lender or a borrower is just amazing. As a borrower on the platform, you can get a Bitcoin Loan after making a request. The xCoins' automated platform will then match your request with a lender. This seamless process does not only make it fast and easy to obtain a loan but also affordable as the platform is designed to match you with the cheapest interest rates.

6. Is it a must to have a PayPal account?

The simple answer is No! However, note that this is only on the borrower’s side. As a lender, you will have to get a verified PayPal account for security purposes. Borrowers can choose to either go with PayPal or set up their credit or debit account. In case of a problem, the xCoins support is always willing to help you out.

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7. What is the interest fee for each loan?

Ok, since xCoins works on a peer to peer basis, every lender has the freedom to set up their own interest rates to their borrowers. Upon making a loan request, the work of xCoins is to fetch up the best interest rates that match your request. It is here that the lenders compete to offer you the most affordable interest rate, making it fast and affordable.

8. How will I confirm a Bitcoin Transaction?

To confirm your Bitcoin transaction, just follow this simple and straight-forward procedure:

  • First, view your transaction details by going to the transaction status icon
  • Then check out the “confirmation “ number on the “Blockchain Data” and if it is 1 or greater than it's a Bitcoin node that confirms your transaction
  • To view the details of your transaction, you can also check out the “TX code” section from a third party source.
  • You can use the “Tx code” page as proof of payment  to the recipient you sent it to

Keep in mind that these transactions take time to be verified and confirmed. This mostly depends on the blockchain you are using and the density of the network so be ready to wait for about 10-40 minutes to confirm.

9. How do I pay my loan back as a borrower?

When you are ready to pay back your loan, the process is pretty straightforward as well. You first have to contact your lender directly so as to arrange the payback process. Afterwards, you can then transfer the Bitcoins you owe back to the lender's wallet. The lender, on the other hand, will make a PayPal payment to your account.  Remember that you as the borrower is responsible for any extra payment processing fees that are to be incurred.

10. What happens if the lender does not send me bitcoins after payments?

Frankly, security of both lenders and borrowers is a top agenda for xCoins and as a result, such cases are highly unlikely. How is it possible? Well, the xCoins platform will only match your request for Bitcoins with lenders that have sufficient Bitcoin balance on their wallets. Since the platform takes advantage of an escrow service, once you pay for the Bitcoins they are reserved from the lender and only released to you after both parties have confirmed the transaction.

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