Buying marijuana has become an accepted activity in some parts of the United States. Other countries, like Amsterdam, made it legal long ago. As technology has advanced, so have the alternative uses of it. VR food has seen significant advances as of late, companies like Project Nourished have made VR food into an experience. Haptic feedback VR suits are making people feel their experience, from the arctic to an inferno and a tickle or a punch in the gut.


Next in the ever cycling chain of disruption is marijuana. WeedVR is allowing patrons to visit a marijuana dispensary in virtual reality if they are over 21 years of age. WeedVR also works with suppliers to let users choose the strains they want in VR and have them delivered to their home.


How does WeedVR work?


WeedVR has designed a virtual space where users can experience a unique dispensary interaction. WeedVR works with licensed marijuana retailers to create custom made 3D models of their products for viewing and purchasing online. WeedVR is selling more than just the opportunity to gaze at marijuana in VR land, however.


After users have selected the strain(s) they want, the WeedVR platform passes the order onto their suppliers for fulfillment who ship the product to their customers at home.  


What are the advantages to buying in VR?


Buying marijuana is an activity that ranges in risk from sitting at home and ordering it through the mail to running to your car as fast as you can and hoping nobody follows you home. WeedVR bridges the gap, allowing customers to know what they are getting by looking at it prior to buying. Customers are much more satisfied and sellers are likely to receive more accurate reviews as a result.


Other advantages include transaction security, lower risk when making marijuana purchases, and fewer run-ins with the outside world.


How does buying online change customer satisfaction?


Buying online through a platform such as WeedVR allows customers to know what they are buying, consult alternative sources for information, and make educated purchasing decisions. WeedVR also eliminates the long standing issue for mail-order users–seeing the product before paying for it.


By closing this gap, WeedVR providers users with a more well-rounded and overall satisfying experience. Not to mention getting to take their time and closely inspect any given strain without impeding the business operations of their local stores.




WeedVR is preparing to shake up the marijuana industry by offering a safe, enjoyable,  and effective alternative to mail order markets. Though it may come with a slightly pricier overall cost, we will have to wait and see how they progress.




Marijuana is making waves in healthcare and pharma with products ranging from cannabinoids to cannabis-based opiate replacements. WeedVR is doing their part to disrupt the marijuana industry in terms of classic marijuana sales. They offer the ability to order marijuana to your home and still see the product you will be receiving in a few days.