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As the leading online resource for disruptive technologies, Disruptor Daily’s mission is to help founders, executives, and investors keep a pulse on the latest innovations, trends, and companies shaping the future.

Building the future takes a lot of time, energy, and resources and our awards series aims to recognize the top CEO’s leading their companies into the future.

The Future of Law Awards will recognize the top three CEO’s on the front lines of the industry.

The winners will be decided 100% by you, the voters. From February 1 – March 15 voting will be open and we’ll allow one vote per person. At the end of this period, the CEO’s with the highest amount of votes will be named in our Future of Law award winners.

So, which CEO should win?

Note: all emails and names that cast votes will be reviewed manually at the end of the voting period. All names that cannot be directly linked to a Linkedin, Facebook, or other public profile will be automatically removed from the total count. Do not waste your time with fake votes. You will be removed from the awards series. 

Law Awards
  • John Sweeney
  • Andrew Arruda
    CEO of ROSS Intelligence
  • Apoorv Agarwal
    CEO of Text IQ
  • Benjamin Alarie
    CEO of Blue J Legal
  • Cash Butler
    CEO of ClariLegal
  • Deborah Hoffman
    CEO of Symmetry Blockchain Advisors
  • Dominic Woolrych
    CEO of LawPath
  • Haley Altman
    CEO of Doxly
  • Jake Heller
    CEO of Casetext
  • James Beckett
    CEO of Qualmet
  • James Billmaier
    CEO of TurboPatent
  • James Jones Jr
    CEO of Court Buddy
  • Josh Blandi
    CEO of UniCourt
  • Kelly Twigger
    CEO of eDiscovery Assistant
  • Ned Gannon
    CEO of eBrevia
  • Nehal Madhani
    CEO of Alt Legal
  • Nicholas d_Adhemar
    CEO of Apperio
  • Nick Brestoff
    CEO of Intraspexion
  • Rick Merrill
    CEO of Gavelytics