Volkswagen I.D. Vizzion Concept Car Lacks a Steering Wheel, But Brings Voice Control to the Table

  • 22 February 2018
  • Sam Mire

As the Geneva International Motor Show creeps closer (it’s scheduled for March 8th-18th), some breadcrumbs are being steadily dropped as to what attendees can expect to encounter. In the case of Volkswagen’s I.D. Vizzion autonomous concept car, humans can expect an encounter of the third kind.

While not quite a vessel from outer space, to say that this concept vehicle defies conventional wisdom, even for self-driving cars, is to speak the truth. The electrically-powered autonomous vehicle is the fourth in Volkswagen’s I.D. line, and it is by far the most radical in terms of design. As previously mentioned, the interior of the car, while sleek, leaves little to the imagination. Especially removed from any fantasies: any thought you may have of taking the wheel and hitting the gas pedal, because the car has neither.


The coach-style doors allow for a look futuristically befitting of its fully-autonomous capabilities, while also allowing for maximum entry space.

VolkswagenAdding to the futuristic appeal – keep in mind London doesn’t plan on legalizing autonomous cars until at least 2030 – is the AI integration that is offered in the I.D. Vizzion. The car will offer both voice and gesture control, with VW adding that the vehicle will be acquainted with “the personal preferences of the vehicle guests”. It’s also been speculated that this personalization will extend to each individual having their custom seat position, air control, and entertainment all memorized by the car’s AI systems.

Though many of the details will be left to the imagination – it is a concept car, they have to keep some tricks up their sleeve – details about the car’s performance specs have been offered. With two 111-kWh batteries, the car is expected to be able to travel as far as 413 miles between charges. The two electric motors will provide 300 horsepower, which is more robust than most of the electric cars available today.

While car junkies are likely far from keen about the idea of their steering wheel and gas pedal being taken away and replaced by fancy custom amenities, we maintain hope that choice will remain in the vehicle market by the time the I.D. Vizzion hits the market. With Volkswagen’s fleet set to go fully electric-optional by 2030, it’s a trend away from gas that may concern VW vans who like a little gas-powered noise from their engine.

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