Utah-Based Startup Cake Aims to Provide Browser Alternative Made for Mobile

  • 30 January 2018
  • Sam Mire

As our smartphones continue to get smarter, why does it seem that the online browser experience has remained stuck in the past? That’s the question that Provo, Utah-based startup Cake aims to answer with an innovative solution, a browser that is more than just a miniaturized, outdated version of the desktop experience. Cake aims to provide an internet browsing experience that is, from the jump, aimed at the mobile platform.

Though it’s already available on the Apple and Google Play app stores, word about Cake has yet to spread to the extent it deserves to. A $5 million round of funding sourced from Pelion Ventures, Peak Ventures, and Kickstart Seed Fund should help to further the benefits of swipe-able mobile web browsers led by Cake. With former head of product Kendall Hulet at the helm as CEO of Cake since last July, the emerging startup from out West hopes that users will ditch the process of ever-multiplying web links for a more mobile-appropriate experience.

There's a lot of room for innovation when it comes to the mobile browser, and Cake has found a sweet spot, said Sid Krommenhoek, partner at Peak Ventures. Since the smartphone was introduced in 2007, storage capacity alone has increased more than 60x, yet the mobile browser has hardly changed in a decade. We see a huge opportunity for Cake to disrupt industry heavyweights by providing quicker access to search results in a way that is much more user-friendly.

Cake will allow mobile internet-using information seekers to swipe through search results as individual web pages, versus the forward, backward, and forward again process that comes with clicking on a link and re-tracing your steps back to the search results page. Cake’s homepage allows the user to choose between video, image, web, news, and shopping results or simply typing the desired URL into the search field.

Cake doesn’t hand-cuff you to this new swipe-through-tabs platform, though. You can engage the View All Results option to see the links as you traditionally would, if you’re into the old-school way of browsing. It also allows for customization based on sites that you elect as your favorites. Of course, Cake will carry different value for different demos, but there’s no question that mobile web browsing has been in need of disruption for years, if not the very beginning of the smartphone era.

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