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Toptal Review: 5 Reasons to Choose it in 2017

  • 27 September 2017
  • Marko Jovanovic

It seems that these days everyone is looking for freelancers. This is a great way to find just what you need because you can choose the person that suits your needs best, and you can do that quickly. However, the risk exists. You cannot choose just anybody – you have to choose the person that is trustworthy, responsible and will get the job done. Because of that, the number of websites where you can find freelancers is growing. And today we want to talk about just that kind of the website, called Toptal.

Toptal is one of the most popular freelance platforms, as it offers great service. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons of why Toptal is so popular.

About Toptal


Toptal was founded in 2010 by Tase Du Val and Breanden Beneschott. This is an American freelance platform where you can find software designers, software engineers, as well as business freelancers. The company is a virtual organization, so there aren’t offices. In 2015, Toptal has announced the number one fastest growing talent marketplace in N. America.

Toptal has many investors including IDEO, Ryan Rockefeller, Andreessen Horowitz, and Rand McNally.

Toptal is created by people who want to bring only the best to the world, and as such is one of the best freelance platforms. Its team comprises of amazing, highly-talented and skilled people so there is no doubt about the quality of the service that this platform offers. Best of all, Toptal values its employees and treats them with respect and understanding, which unfortunately cannot be said for many companies around the world. But, in return, Toptal also has high standards for employees and their work, which is why the company is so successful.

Why should you choose Toptal?


1. Professionalism

First and foremost, this company is highly professional. Meaning, they take their clients seriously and make sure they get what they want. They stick to the agreement, and their services are of a high quality. So, you don’t have to worry whether this platform can be trusted to.

2. Experts

What also contributes to their professionalism is employees. Whether you are looking for a finance expert, developer or designer, one is for sure – the person you choose will be skilled at what he/she does. In addition to that, you will get high-quality work. Toptalers have many valuable skills needed for successful communication and work but are also hard workers, loyal, and amazing teammates. In addition, they are proficient in English. This is extremely important since not all of the freelance platforms have freelancers that speak and write English fluently. So, Toptal really cares about their business and clients’ satisfaction.

3. Flexibility  

One more reason why Toptal is so great is that of flexibility. Most companies take months or even a year to build a team for you and do the work for you. However, that’s not the case with this platform. In fact, this platform offers reliability and flexibility. You can work with their team within a few weeks. Moreover, if you want to have a part-time freelancer by your side, during some tough times in your business, you can do that. Or, if you decided to continue with your business without a need of a freelancer, you can stop using their services without any problem. Toptal knows that the key to success lies in flexibility, which is why they give their best to fit your business, ideas, and your needs.

4. Simple Communication

We all differ, and Toptal understands that. Which is why they offer painless communication. Whether you run business for years or have just started with that, Toptal ensures that you understand all complex concepts related to your business and their services.

5. Cost-effective Pricing

Last but not least. With Toptal, there are no hidden fees, and their pricing is very clear. You can work with freelancers hourly, part or full-time without worrying if the price will change. The price is fixed on a weekly basis.


Let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about Toptal so that you can have a clearer picture of what they offer.

1. Do I have to pay a certain amount of money upfront for recruiting?

Yes, you do. They require an initial deposit of $500 for your first invoice. In case you don’t want to continue working with the company, they will give the deposit back to you.

2. What happens in the case I am not happy with a Toptal expert?

They have a trial period of two weeks, where you can see if you are happy with the results. You can also work with multiple freelancers before in order to find a candidate that will be the best fit for your business.

3. Are all Toptalers proficient in English?

Yes, they are. They speak and write English fluently so that they can give you best results.

4. Do Toptalers work from offices?

Since this is a completely virtual company, most Toptalers work from their homes. However, some of them also work from coworking spaces.

5. Where do Toptalers come from?

Toptalers come from different countries, but most of them are located in South, North and Central America and Europe.

6. Whose property is the work that a Toptaler creates?

The work that a freelancer creates is completely the property of a client.

7. What payment methods does Toptal accept?

They accept bank accounts, bank wires, PayPal and all major cards.

Final Thoughts

Knowing where to turn when you need help is priceless, and that is exactly why you should choose this platform. At Toptal, you get high-quality work created by experts. In addition to that, you get flexibility and reliability so that you can find the people that are best for your business at any time. But, most importantly is that with Toptal you get a great value for the money provided. So, we really don’t see any reason of why you should not choose Toptal.

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