Top Ten Companies Disrupting the Energy Industry in 2017

  • 30 March 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

When our lives are filled with electronic devices that are only multiplying as we integrate IoT technology into our homes, energy is a major factor that is constantly in the eye of researchers. Recently, scientists proved a technology to wirelessly charge any device within its line of site.  But this is not the only technological disruption in the energy industry. These innovative brands are our top ten energy companies to watch in 2017.



Bidgely is the of energy consumption. With their services, you can see how much energy each appliance in your home is using (and how much you’re spending!) in real-time. That way, you can see where you can most easily adjust your usage to cut down your energy bills and the strain on the grid. They also help energy companies lower their costs, increase efficiency, and offer incentives to customers no matter the source of energy they provide.



CleanChoice Energy (Formerly Ethical Electric)

CleanChoice Energy is making renewable energy more accessible to people who, for whatever reason, prefer not to implement their own solar panels or other renewable source. It’s a great alternative if you do not have the resources to implement your own system or if you’re not yet fully committed to the idea.

CleanChoice energy makes it easier to reduce your impact on the environment by replenishing 100% of the energy you use from the grid with clean wind and solar power. This makes it a great alternative for people who do not own their homes and cannot commit to construction projects but who still want to be environmentally friendly. There are no enrollment or cancellation fees, no wires to run, and no interruptions.




OhmConnect is another company making huge strides for the environment while making life easy for its customers. In fact, it even pays customers for participating!

OhmConnect integrates with your appliances and uses software to monitor power grid usage and sources. Basically, when there is an overload on a power grid that causes your home to pull energy from an unsustainable source, they send you a notification. If you cut back power during this time to allow more back into the grid, they pay you for keeping the environment cleaner. The technology can also be automated for things like thermostats so you can passively earn extra cash while benefiting Mother Earth.




Few things are more frustrating than picking up your phone to do something urgent and seeing a red battery bar. G Batteries is ending that frustration by proposing an age of “zero downtime.” Their battery management technology claims to allow li-ion batteries to charge within minutes with minimal degradation. Their technology, ActiveBMS, is mean to allow these batteries to charge 6x faster and last 100x longer. What a relief!



FirstFuel is a SaaS company transforming energy for both providers and consumers. They help providers create an engaging customer experience, easy to navigate self-service portals, and energy efficiency recommendations. FirstFuel also offers insights about customers and analysis toward which offers would be most enticing to which customers, potential value of customers, and similar marketing statistics to increase power companies’ bottom line.




Wunder is all about investment. While they do not directly provide energy, they connect investors to solar projects that have been risk-assessed to offer investors an “instant expert-calculated portfolio.” You can earn up to 8.5% annually while doing good in the world.




MPOWERD makes a neat little light with huge output called “Luci.” Luci solar lights can be used in daily life, emergencies, and camping because they are small, affordable, solar-powered, lightweight, and waterproof. You can buy them at most major American sporting outlets.

One ultra-neat function of the Luci is that it’s inflatable and collapsible. You can buy them in multi-colors for parties, light “essence” colors for mood, frosted, or bright clear for outdoor use.

No matter which you buy, they’re a sustainable source of light that never needs batteries, so you can feel good about using the Luci. MPOWERD is definitely a company to watch for even more, as they put it, “bright ideas!”



Cool Energy


Cool Energy makes an advanced-materials Stirling engine to harness the power of otherwise wasted heat.

From their site:

“In initial performance testing, a 300 Celsius temperature difference produced over 30% conversion efficiency! No other product or technology has demonstrated such a high performance under similar conditions.”

Their improvements can make a substantial impact on our energy situation. Cool Energy is definitely a company to watch in 2017.





PowerHub is blending SaaS with renewable energy to help asset owners manage their portfolios. Their cloud-based asset management is poised to be the first of its kind with ease of use and focus in the renewable industry niche. They allow asset managers to see new insights to transform renewable energy businesses.



Chain of Things

Chain of Things has already made other top ten lists here on Disruptor Daily, and they are currently my #1 company to watch across many industries for 2017. Chain of Things is using blockchain technology to solve real-world problems outside of the purely financial realm. They’re trying to secure IoT devices to help prevent incidences like the MIRAI botnet, fix fraud and inefficiency within shipping and logistics, and they've also got their fingers in solar energy.

Chain of Things is proposing the use of blockchain to verify energy generation in a way that does not allow for manipulation. In their proposed system, solar panels would write the energy production to the blockchain directly, and use of this tech could not only reduce fraud in incentivization programs for renewable energy, but also allow for automatic payments via a distributed ledger smart contract. Of course, applications could expand from there.

Chain of Things maintains their rank of the absolute top company to watch in 2017 on my list for their innovation in blockchain, IoT, security, energy, shipping, and logistics which they first received in my list, Top 10 Big Data Companies to Watch in 2017The strides they make with blockchain technology could ripple out to numerous industries, mainstreaming blockchain for business and consumers, and make a huge impact on our world.

Which other companies in the energy industry are you watching in 2017? Let us know in the comments!

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