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Top 25 VR Influencers to Follow in 2018

  • 2 March 2018
  • Sam Mire

Virtual reality and augmented reality are not just the future of video gaming. They have applications across several industries, and the technologies are already being utilized in fields such as healthcare, professional sports, the automotive industry, and beyond. As VR and AR technologies become even more refined and widespread, expect an increase in the public’s awareness of just how valuable strapping on a headset can be. Whether you are an avid follower of virtual and augmented reality or your interest has been piqued and you find yourself wanting to know more about the industry’s potential, these influencers are worth following on Twitter.

John Carmack


Carmack, the CTO of Virtual Reality for industry giant Oculus, has earned his massive Twitter following, which runs 848,000 people deep. While he uses lots of jargon that only industry professionals and enthusiasts will understand without utilizing Google, there’s no authority you will find in the Twitter ranks with greater clout than John Carmack.

Ryan Wyatt


Ryan Wyatt is another industry professional who is not hesitant to drop knowledge on his Twitter followers. 352,000 tech heads tune into Wyatt’s timeline to see what the leader of the Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Gaming teams for YouTube is going to Tweet next. While he does infuse a fair amount of extracurricular personal passions and hobbies into his Twitter personality, Wyatt’s status in the industry means that he should be followed by those who want to stay up on both VR and AR.

Davison Chiginya


Chiginya tabs himself as a ‘VR enthusiast’, and even a cursory glance at his timeline shows that he is just that. From original thoughts and opinions to the most relevant and timely Retweets, Chiginya has his eyes firmly focused on the cutting edge of VR and AR. From light hearted videos where kids try out VR for the first time to breaking news about the latest industry breakthrough, Chiginya’s 363,000 followers get a bit of everything.

Hugo Barra


Facebook’s Vice President of Virtual Reality has attracted many of his 122,000 Twitter followers from his name recognition alone. When you are such a mover and shaker in the VR community, your position within one of the industry leaders makes you an authority. But don’t take away from Barra’s dedication to posting about the VR community’s hottest trends, many of which understandably involve his own company, Facebook.

Sanem Avcil


Widely considered to be one of the top VR influencers on Twitter, Sanem Avcil’s avatar isn’t the only thing that makes his timeline interesting. With a breadth of tech knowledge that includes a heavy dose of AR and VR, Avcil finds the most interesting graphics, videos, and news stories and Retweets them to his 107,000 followers with regularity.

Brandon J Laatsch


Brandon Laatsch is the creator of Node channel, and his YouTube channel, freddiew, is also worth checking out. Specializing in VR gaming, Laatsch knows his audience and, more importantly, the types of things they want to read on their Twitter timelines. With an abundance of clever, original VR-related thoughts and opinions, Laatsch is a loud, knowledgeable voice within the VR community.

Jonathan Nafarrete


Nafarrete is the co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of VR Scout, a website that specializes in posting virtual reality news and videos. In order to fulfill these positions, Nafarrete has to have his ear to the VR ground and his fingers on the keyboard. Any editor worth their salt knows how to use Twitter to keep their readers informed and to attract new eyeballs to their site, and Nafarrete’s nearly 81,000 followers are proof that he does his job well.

Dean Johnson


Dean Johnson is another VR-related Twitter-ite who has established his bona fides through a professional footprint in the industry. As the Head of Innovation for @HelloBrandwidth and Vice President of @csdminerva, Johnson has a lot riding on his reputation as an influencer. His 65,000 followers clearly believe that he is a voice worth listening to, and regularly are presented with awesome graphics, videos, and relevant stories courtesy of Johnson.

Palmer Luckey


Palmer Luckey is one of the Founding Fathers of virtual reality. As the founder of Oculus VR, one of the most recognizable brands in virtual reality, he knows about as much as anybody about what constitutes newsworthiness with respect to VR. His online VR forum ModRetro is a hive for those who want to keep in touch with what is going on in the virtual reality community, but you can get a taste of those forums by following Luckey on Twitter, as nearly 58,000 people already have.

Ryan A. Bell


The self-branded “beat poet of tech” has much more to offer his followers than some limericks and haikus. His interests span a greater realm than VR, but like many influencers, a vast array of interests do not take away from the VR knowledge, opinions, and stories that he regularly shares on his timeline. 51,000 followers have determined that Bell is worth a follow, and so should you.

Alice Bonasio


When somebody is wearing a VR headset in their avatar photo, has a boatload of followers, and has the term ‘VR consultant’ in their bio, you hardly need to check to confirm that they have great knowledge to share with their followers. But we did, and Alice Bonasio does in fact have ample VR knowledge that she is willing and able to share with her 46,000 followers.

Keith Curtin


Founder of augmented reality brand @seedigital, Curtin is widely respected in the AR community. But he is also widely respected as a Twitter influencer, a fact of which his 29.2k Twitter followers serves as evidence. He has a knack for Retweeting the more important stories pertaining to AR and VR, and he isn’t afraid to give credit to other AR/VR influencers, which lets his followers gain even more perspective from those who Curtin respects.

John Bucher


John Bucher is a VR buff who will give you plenty of light-hearted content. But, make no mistake, he knows his stuff. If you don’t believe, check out the videos of his VR-centric lectures which he is prone to Retweet, providing another form of entertainment and knowledge for his 39,000 followers to feast upon.

Amber Osborne


Osborne is the Chief Marketing Officer for Virtual Reality meeting and education software @DogheadSims’, and her niche in educational uses of VR highlight just how widely the emerging technology is being utilized. Do yourself a favor and join the other 39.5k followers in getting a view into how a VR professional looks at an industry that is still exploring its massive potential.

George Kliavkoff


It’s worth following any CEO of a virtual reality company on Twitter, in my opinion. They got to their position for good reason, and George Kliavkoff – CEO of Jaunt VR – is no exception. He may not always talk VR, but who does? When Kliavkoff does talk VR, which is frequently enough, you can trust that he is coming from a position of authority. Nearly 37,000 followers trust what he has to Tweet about the happenings in the VR community.

Cathy Hackl


Cathy Hackl’s 30.4k followers know her worth, but you should learn for yourself. Whether she is alerting her followers to VR-related meetups, Retweeting other influencers in the community, giving her original opinions or re-posting stories that have a great impact on the future of virtual reality, Hackl knows how to keep her Twitter followers entertained and engaged.

Rob Crasco


You better watch out, because this guy is a @Roblem. Crasco’s Twitter handle is indicative of how Roblematic his timeline is to our productivity. If you’re interested in VR, as the majority of his 27,000 followers are, then make sure not to check his timeline during work hours. You might never leave.

Nick Pettit


Pettit is an AR/VR developer, and truth be told, few people are more passionate about the industry than those that make the sausage. Pettit is a bona fide sausage maker within both the virtual reality and augmented reality communities, and he brings his passion to his timeline, regularly updating his 26.4k followers with breaking news from both industries. He is a teacher at AR/VR development giant @Treehouse.

Clay Bavor


The Vice President of Virtual and Augmented Reality for Google. Need I say more? Probably not, but just consider that he has 23,000 followers, which is still far too few considering his position at the biggest tech company on the face of the planet. Give him a follow, you won’t regret it.

Daniel Bury


Daniel Bury is one of the most visually-pleasing follows in all of VR Twitter. His dedication to combining travel with virtual reality is unparalleled. In fact, his handle, @ChasingWorldVR, is an allusion to his VR-themed travel series, Chasing the World. Fortunately, we don’t have to go far to witness Bury chasing the world of VR as he explores the globe. We only need to go to his timeline and hit follow, as 18.5k Twitter followers have done. Bury is officially one of the most underrated VR follows on Twitter.

Brendan Iribe


Brendan Iribe is yet another one of those personalities whose status in the industry alone warrants a large following. As a co-founder of Oculus VR, Iribe is one of the few who can say they got in on the ground floor of virtual reality. You can’t buy that kind of expertise, but you can follow it on Twitter for no cost at all. 22,000 followers is far too few considering Iribe’s VR-related experience, in my humble opinion, and it makes him a sleeper follow that not enough people know about.

Kent Bye


Kent Bye’s Twitter cover photo speaks volumes to what he is all about. It reads, ‘500 interviews, one question: what is the ultimate potential of VR?’. Bye, who hosts the Voices of VR podcast and contributes to Road to VR, a virtual reality news site, has picked many of the most important brains in the industry. In other words, he has tons of knowledge to share, and his 16.6k followers know that well. More people should get familiar with Bye, who is an encyclopedia of VR nuggets.

Benjamin Lang

Lang is another one of those people who is wearing a VR headset in his avatar photograph, so you already know what's up. Chances are, this guy – who has 15.5k followers already – has lots to offer in the way of VR and AR news. And, in Lang’s case, the stereotype holds true. He does have plenty to offer, from off-the-wall news stories and original hot takes to beautiful VR graphics.

Helen Situ


Helen Situ isn’t the biggest name in VR or AR. As a creator for both platforms, she is clearly underappreciated as a Twitter follow. 13.8k people have caught on to the fact that Situ has awesome insight to offer those who hit ‘Subscribe’, but too many people are still sleeping on this young, knowledgeable voice who has spent years working in the AR and VR industries.

Karl Krantz


The founder of Founder of SVVR, or Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference and Meetups, specializes in bringing those in the VR community together. He’s a connector, and his Twitter timeline serves as the conduit for his VR matchmaking. If you are interested in attending VR-related conferences or meeting with mover and shakers in the industry, Krantz is the man to follow.

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