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Top 25 AI Influencers to Follow on Twitter in 2018

  • 12 February 2018
  • Sam Mire

Artificial intelligence is so rapidly evolving that it can be difficult to keep up. Fortunately, keeping up with the gamut of constantly-emerging news is exactly what Twitter is best for. Because tech, and especially artificial intelligence, tends to grow exponentially as breakthroughs in the field piggy-back upon each other, there’s no shortage of stories, opinions, and technologies that need keeping up with. These influencers blend their experience, expertise, and keen eye for pointing out stories that matter in order to engage and enlighten their Twitter audience. Give ‘em a follow.

Andrew Ng

Andrew Ng is not just one of the foremost authorities on artificial intelligence and machine learning on Twitter. As former head of the Google Brain team and a professor at Stanford University, Ng has established himself as a forefather of artificial intelligence. He’s one of the most in-demand minds in Silicon Valley, and he is also an active Tweeter, fortunately for us.

📣Shout out to @AndrewYNg! 

Fabio Moioli

Moioli is another influencer with a prestigious background and current standing in the off-Twitter world of artificial intelligence. As a consultant to Microsoft and Director of their Enterprise Services division for Microsoft Italy, Moioli brings his real-world experience to his Twitter timeline with frequent posts, both original and shared.

📣Shout out to @fabiomoioli!

Fei-Fei Li

Yes, the Director of Stanford’s AI Lab is actually on Twitter, and she has plenty of insight about the cutting edge of AI tech. You don’t even have to be accepted into Stanford to get a glimpse into the mind of the brilliant @drfeifei, either.

📣Shout out to @drfeifei!

Martin Ford

Martin Ford has established his bona fides in the A.I. world partially by writing his New York Times best-selling book, Rise of the Robots. Clearly, it’s not low-tier science fiction, as Ford’s Twitter timeline makes it clear that he is very much in tune with the latest news regarding artificial intelligence. His frequent sharing of worthwhile stories and his original posts make him worthy of a follow.

📣Shout out to @mfordfuture!

Andy Jankowski

Jankwoski is an Executive Partner for IBM, and like others on Twitter who have significant pull in the professional world, his expertise on A.I. is very much worth tapping into. His posts tend to inform not just what is happening in the field of A.I., but why it is important and how it could be of benefit to the human race. Plus, he’s an avid road cyclist, so there’s that.

📣Shout out to @andyjankwoski!

Alex J. Champandard

Alex Champandard’s avatar says it all about what he does. As the co-founder of, he is an A.I. developer with an artistic side. His timeline is a blend of news posts and aesthetically pleasing, often A.I.-themed visual content which together makes scrolling through his timeline a breath of fresh air.

📣Shout out to @alexjc!

Tamara McCleary

As the CEO of Thulium Co., McCleary clearly knows how to use Twitter not only to build the brand’s standing in the A.I. community, but also to establish a dedicated following through consistent posting. She gives great insight into the machinations of A.I., but also offers advice on how one can establish themselves as a more serious professional in any field, including tech and, more specifically, artificial intelligence.

📣Shout out to @tamaramccleary!

Rob Schmidt

Rob Schmidt knows who the smart guys and gals on Twitter are, following and re-Tweeting the likes of Andrew Ng. Great minds think alike, and as the Head of Applied Machine Learning and Data Science for Fandea, LLC and a graduate researcher at Georgia Tech, he is neck-deep in artificial intelligence. His 114,000 followers are no accident.

📣Shout out to @robschmidtcxo!

Monica Rogati

The former vice president of Jawbone and a data scientist for Linkedin, Monica Rogati is somebody who almost certainly understands how artificial intelligence works better than you or I do. That expertise is why nearly 42,000 people follow her, and they are rewarded with consistently entertaining and informative content and insight, including a graph detailing the ‘AI pyramid of needs’.

📣Shout out to @mrogati!

Nige Willson

Nige Willson manages to find and curate some of the most interesting and relevant A.I. content on Twitter. As a former Strategy Architect for Microsoft UK and currently a global strategist for the same company, Willson brings his experience with the tech giant to Twitter, highlighting content that matters for his nearly 39,000 followers.

📣Shout out to @nigewillson!

Ronald Van Loon

If you follow the Dutchman Ronald van Loon, you know that he often asks salient questions about A.I., many of them accompanied with an insightful article or an answer from van Loon himself. Questions such as “How can we understand AI better? And how have AI and augmented intelligence developed over time?” prompt his followers to take an inquisitive view on A.I., while also providing insight that can help them come to a strong, logical conclusion.

📣Shout out to @ronald_vanloon!

Sean Gardner

While Sean Gardner doesn’t post exclusively about artificial intelligence, he has enough insight to give to warrant him a strong follow. With 484,000 people tuning into his account to combination of A.I. news, motivational nuggets, and a light sprinkling of newsworthy, non-A.I. stories make render him relevant to the A.I.-heads, but also a nice change of pace.

📣Shout out to @2morrowknight!

Andrej Karpathy

Karpathy, Director of Artificial Intelligence for Tesla, has as legitimate a claim to the title of ‘A.I. Influencer’ as anybody. Sure, his 114,000 followers get a slightly above-average dose of SpaceX and Tesla-related news, but that’s to be expected from the man who currently makes his bones working in Elon Musk’s camp. Still, he take the time to Tweet about other relevant news in the A.I. information cycle, and has the expertise to back up the claims he makes about artificial intelligence.

📣Shout out to @karpathy!

Christopher Isak

The founder and CEO of, a site dedicated to all things tech, Isak knows how to spot a good A.I. story when he sees one. Bringing a youthful voice and feel to his profile, Isak provides a millennial’s perspective on artificial intelligence, often informing his followers how AI will shape the future world that millennials will inhabit. 200,000 people have deemed Isak worth a follow, and so should you.

📣Shout out to @christopherisak!

Diana Adams

This may be overly general, but it seems that most tech consultants know what the heck they are talking about. Diana Adams is no exception to that comment, and her spot within the Apple Consultants Network and as a tech journalist bring credibility to a profile that is chock-full of A.I. information.

📣Shout out to @adamsconsulting!

Debashis Dutta

While Dutta is often associated with the Financial Tech sector, he also prides himself as something of an A.I. guru. His Twitter account reflects his wide-ranging knowledge of tech, and that includes a heavy dose of A.I. news, advice, and insight. Dutta is considered an influencer in several fields, and with 43,000 followers, artificial intelligence is one of them.

📣Shout out to @debashis_dutta!

Nathan Benaich

As the founder of LondonAI, Nathan Benaich is a certified mover and shaker in the tech world. While he’s not the biggest name, he is often posting about applied machine learning and A.I. conferences that he has either organized or is attending. While he provides insight and interesting re-tweets of A.I.-related articles, it’s his use of Twitter to promote artificial intelligence-related events that make his account a particularly valuable one to follow.

📣Shout out to @NathanBenaich!

Paul Roetzer

I’m just going to be honest here: as somebody who writes, Paul Roetzer scares me. He asks questions that I thought were beyond the realm of conception, such as “Can we automate content creation using artificial intelligence? More specifically, can we use machines to write blog posts at scale?”. No Paul, we can’t, but I’ll still follow you because your content is top-notch, even if it shakes me to my core.

📣Shout out to @Paulroetzer!

Vincent Boucher

As the president of, Boucher is another worthwile follow, as he provides value both on Twitter and in the form of notifications of extra-Twittersphere events happening in the A.I. sector. His 443,000 followers are impressive, but not nearly as impressive as the consistent stream of engaging A.I. content that Boucher’s timeline provides those followers with.

📣Shout out to @ceobillionaire!

Randy Olson

Leading data scientist for Life Epigenetics, Randy Olson is one smart dude. Don’t believe me? Google epigenetics really quick. But seriously, you should follow Olson if you are interested in learning more about artificial intelligence. Olson provides often lighthearted takes on A.I.-related stories and realities, but also provides lots of informative content as well. 117,000 people can’t be wrong.

📣Shout out to @randal_olson!

Oliver Christie

Artificial intelligence consultant and Futurist contributor Oliver Christie frequently posts stories that provide a unique perspective on what artificial intelligence means for society, such as how it has impacted the way employers approach their candidate-screening process. Plus, you know what they say about these AI consultants. Go ahead and add yourself to his 162,000 followers, it’ll be well worth your time.

📣Shout out to @OliverChristie!

Rudy Martin

Have you ever seen the Periodic Table of Artificial Intelligence? If the answer is ‘no’, then you aren’t following Rudy Martin. For shame, as his timeline is a candy store of A.I-related graphs, stories, and insight that any techie should follow.

📣Shout out to @realrudymartin!

Mark Tabladillo

When it comes to worthwhile Twitter follows, perhaps the most valuable trait is consistency. Tabladillo is as consistent as it gets, providing top-notch Tweets with regularity, both original and shared. As a Lead Data Scientist for Microsoft Services, he knows his stuff, too.

📣Shout out to @MarkTabNet!

Demis Hassabis

Demis Hassabis is one of those guys that you need to have in your trove of ‘following’ accounts. As the founder and CEO of the widely-respect A.I. company DeepMind, Hassabis has ambition that is rare, yet he takes the time to regularly update his 97,000 followers on what he deems important with respect to artificial intelligence. Don’t miss out by Hassabis’ wealth of A.I.-related knowledge, because it’s only one click away.

📣Shout out to @demishassabis!

Sven Philipsen

Sven Philipsen founded and serves as CEO of, and his aggregation expertise shines through on his timeline. While knowledgeable in a variety of tech topics, his eye for newsworthy A.I.-related stories is clear. He’s a young, in-the-know techie who is worth a follow for anybody looking to become more well-read or up-to-date when it comes to their arsenal of A.I. tidbits.

📣Shout out to @svenphilipsen!

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