Top 10 Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Companies to Watch in Marketing

  • 26 May 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

Marketing practically makes the world go ‘round. It’s really hard to sustain a business without interested customers, and sales needs to focus on what they do best–sales. The internet already disrupted how we do sales and marketing, the customization levels customers expect, and the relationships brands have with consumers. Now, virtual reality is posing itself as the next frontier, and with augmented reality, the line between the real world and digital, reality and fantasy, are blurred more than they have ever been. So how do marketers benefit from this emerging trend?

These ten companies know how to blend augmented and virtual reality with marketing.


StepCoin has a really interesting plan–blend “Groupon and Pokemon Go.” When users walk around town, this augmented reality app helps them collect virtual coins which they can spend at retail stores. They’re offering a sort of gamified, futuristic advertising solution that makes discovering new buying opportunities fun for consumers.



Foundry45 is creating VR advertising experiences. They offer solutions not only for marketing, but sales, recruiting, and training as well. They are the brains behind the virtual reality versions of the AT&T Security trade show, Georgia Tech’s football recruitment, and even an ICSC board meeting.



Virao uses virtual reality for brand communication in marketing, but also other processes such as R&D. They develop custom-made solutions to customers with virtual reality that meets their specific needs. They specialize in bringing added emotional depth to the experience of a brand and cover a huge array of industries from automotive to biotech to retail.

Zebra Marketing

Zebra Marketing is less focused on how to market with VR and more focused on how to market VR itself. They are a branding and marketing firm that specializes in emerging tech, gaming, and VR/AR technologies.Their solutions are customized to every client.



Skignz is augmented reality +geolocation for brands and users alike. With an app for both iOS and Android, users and companies can create their own augmented reality “skignz” which other users can see via their phones. Any user can create one, so it makes it easy to find your friends at a concert, but brands can also use this technology to help guide user experiences and marketing campaigns.

River Studios

River Studios is a company filled with artists, all of whom strive to build empathy between humans via their virtual reality art. They do this by helping people step into one another’s shoes within virtual worlds. They offer stereoscopic videos, 3D models, and interactive VR to help brands increase engagement with their users by offering an entirely new, innovative experience.

Blend Media

Blend Media helps connect 360-degree video creators with brands so that everyone gets the VR content they need and everyone has a steady supply of work. That means, of course, that everyone’s happy. Although they offer a large catalogue of footage, they also help connect creators to businesses who need custom content.

They run a huge 360-degree video page on Facebook, and you can connect with them here.

Candy Lab

Candy Labs is a neatly branded augmented reality company that helps connect users and brands in an immersive, gamified way. They use geolocation and custom solutions to help any brand create an augmented reality experience that will deepen customer interest and engagement.



Gamar helps anyone create augmented reality content with geolocation features thanks to its drag and drop system. This real-world overlay can be an amazing help to marketers because they can create gamified, high-tech experiences that stick in customers’ minds.



SubVRsive create 360-degree cinematic videos, interactive virtual reality, and custom apps to help brands create experiences. These deep, exciting, and immersive experiences help consumers remember. The freshness of using a technology such as virtual reality in marketing leaves a lasting impression that can further develop brand engagement and loyalty.


Do you know of any other virtual or augmented reality companies in the marketing business who deserve a spot on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

About Cas Proffitt

Cas is a B2B Content Marketer and Brand Consultant who specializes in disruptive technology. She covers topics like artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, blockchain, and big data, to name a few. Cas is also co-owner of an esports organization and spends much of her time teaching gamers how to make a living doing what they love while bringing positivity to the gaming community.