Top 10 Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Companies to Watch in Education

  • 24 May 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

Virtual reality and augmented reality are very literally changing the way we view the world while opening options to immersively explore worlds that were previously limited by our imaginations. In educational technology (EdTech), this ability to view and manipulate creations such as human anatomy diagrams and even space lead to a far more immersive experience than traditional textbooks and can help students understand more quickly and deeply.


Beyond that, virtual reality companies in the education industry are also teaching students how to create these worlds of their own. As vast amounts of students begin to feel comfortable generating AR and VR content, we are likely to see a ton of innovation in this already highly disruptive field.





Check out the top ten virtual reality and augmented reality companies disrupting the education industry!





zSpace is combining augmented reality, virtual reality, and STEM education into an all-in-one computer and glasses set for classrooms. The system provides interactive learning spaces for shapes, math, anatomy, and practically anything you can think of through their development options. zSpace even offers online courses for people who want to learn the technology inside and out.




EvoBooks is bringing augmented and virtual reality to schools through a hybrid learning platform that offers interactivity to the classroom. They are the creators of Edmersiv VR which can help educators integrate VR into their lesson plans and assist with educational standards for goal validation.







Georama has created an enterprise SaasS platform to offer tours in HD and real-time. Especially as schools become increasingly concerned about safety and budgets, this virtual reality option opens doors for educators to take students all around the world win an immersive way without ever having to leave the classroom.





Second Studio


Second Studio creates virtual studios for educators and industry professionals with workspaces that can support multiple members through their blockchain-based team management system.  They are still under construction, but they just received $40k in seed funding in August 2016.


You can keep up with them on Facebook here.





Discovr Labs


Discovr is all about immersive, interactive learning in the classroom using virtual reality. Students can view ancient ruins reconstructed by historians and architects. They also branch into spatial intelligence, chemistry, and more for engaging lessons in a variety of subjects.





VR Immersive Education


VR Immersive Education received over $1M in funding in February 2017, and rightfully so. They are offering free education platforms to fundamentally change how people teach and present. They offer VR sessions such as first-person views of the Apollo moon landing and up-close views of the Titanic. Students can even explore the ship wreckage. The possibilities here are practically unlimited, and VR Immersive Education is among the most disruptive EdTech companies on our list.







Courseyard is an augmented reality company that helps users create interactive books and course materials. Although they offer content for sale to the general public, users can also make content for specific groups to be accessed on an array of digital devices. The interactivity of the materials keeps students’ attention to help them learn better.







Edorble is helping people all over the world learn together in the virtual reality space. People can talk and gesture together as well as share content simultaneously such as educational videos. It’s a full virtual, immersive world where people can come together to teach, learn, and communicate no matter where they are in real-life space.








Unimersiv claims to have the largest VR database of educational materials, and they specialize in virtual reality field trips all over the world… and beyond! In their own words:


“They can go to space, history places, deserts, or foreign countries without physically traveling there.”


I know that when I was a kid in school, I would have swooned at the thought of visiting space in VR in science class. How cool!








FlexVR is helping students grow toward a lifelong love of new technologies.By offering a cost-effective headset and open source software, they are opening doors for students to try their own hand at the world of virtual reality. Students can be more productive and learn about programming with these efficient, budget-friendly tools so the world sees even more virtual worlds.


Do you know of any other VR EdTech companies that belong on this list? Let us know in the comments below!


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