Top 10 Virtual Reality Companies to Watch in Architecture

  • 12 May 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

Virtual reality is a booming industry, the effects of which can be seen in gaming, healthcare, travel, architecture, and so much more. The ability to build our own worlds that are limited only by the imagination opens doorways to innovative projects and presentation options. Architects especially can benefit from virtual reality, because it allows them to showcase their work to clients before it has even been built. Imagine stepping into your dream home in virtual reality, a render that’s been created by an architect fully ready to realize your dream in real-world, physical space.


Virtual reality makes that vision a possibility, and several companies are already offering these technologies.  Not only that, but interior design becomes a breeze when you only need to move your furniture in virtual reality to get it just right before doing all the heavy lifting.


Perhaps you can even take a ski down the slopes beside your new, yet unbuilt resort.





Check out the top ten virtual and augmented reality companies in the architecture industry!


Stambol Studios

Stambol Studios provides VR for real estate and architectural applications. Their VR environments can be viewed from mobile VR headsets, GearVR, VIVE, Oculus, and other VR hardware platforms. Stambol provides 3D renders, models, animations, and more to offer their customers. They provide a highly immersive environment.






IrisVR, Inc.

IrisVR offers the capability of engineering and architecture firms to convert their existing 3D models and renderings into VR projections of the 3D models and renderings with one click. IrisVR, Inc. has customers in the engineering, architecture, construction, automotive design, retail, advertising and marketing industries. They have been featured on Fox, Bloomberg, and Wired.







InSiteVR transforms 3D models and imagery from a 2D space into a 3D, VR space for use with Oculus Rift, other VR headsets, and even mobile devices. InSite helps users understand the material they are viewing while reducing the time it takes for engineers and technicians to produce presentations.







Archilogic turns real estate floor plans into 3D virtual models that can be incorporated into websites, portals, and other forms of client-facing media. By using WebGL, they ensure that their media is viewable from PC and mobile alike.







Roomle brings AR and VR to the furniture sales industry. Roomle scans the user’s environment and allows them to see their prospective furniture as it would sit in any given room within their home. Roomle establishes 3D furniture catalogs for users to browse through, allowing them a variety of furniture designed to fit in their space and match their other designs by color and other parameters.







CubicVR combines architectural CAD and game design tools to bring a gamified, architectural experience to architects to use with their clients. CubicVR can generate a 3D model if the user does not have one available, but they can also import a 3D model into their design if one already exists.





Around Media

Around Media generates unique VR tours of pre-existing areas and designs tours based on user input. What better way to show off your latest project than taking someone into an immersive, 3D view of the finished product?







Holoplex is a futuristic real estate marketing platform that allows consumers to view their new home first-hand in 3D. Beyond viewing the space remotely, Holoplex allows users to customize their home-to-be in VR.







theConstruct lets users view the intent of real estate developers and architects. theConstruct brings the view of what is going to be built to consumers ahead of time so they can determine if they like the direction the project is going. theConstruct hopes to be able to virtualize plans for a project created in any 3D modeling software easily so that it is easy for the user to integrate.






Visual-Wise brings a toolkit for turning 3D modeling designs into VR. Their toolkit is charged per person and they offer additional services to architects and 3D draftsmen looking to turn their projects into VR presentations.



Do you know of any other virtual reality companies in the architecture and real estate industries that deserve a spot on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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