Top 10 Disruptive Sales Startups to Watch in 2017

  • 29 March 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

If there’s a common thread relevant to practically every industry, it’s sales. Because of this, sales companies are always trying to offer improved methods and services so their users can get an edge. These ten sales companies are on the bleeding edge of technology and are reshaping the way we look at sales.

Check out the top ten sales companies to watch in 2017.


Conversica blends artificial intelligence with lead generation, nurturing, and a human touch.

I recently had a chance to speak over the phone with Gary Gerber, head of product marketing at Conversica. It was a delightful, information-packed conversation, so I have to give the company props for that. Beyond that, I can verify the product works, because it worked on me.

My biggest question for Gary was, “Did I interact with an AI while I was trying to contact you?” His answer? “Yes!”

I didn’t ask because I had gotten any shoddily written, stiff emails. It didn’t even dawn on me until many hours later that, hey, it would make sense if they use their own technology.

They do, and it works. If I had been emailing a company that didn’t specialize in AI lead qualification and nurturing, I would have never thought twice about whether or not I was talking to a person. Conversica’s AI assistant has had more conversations with leads than any sales or marketing person you can hire, and she learns. Now, there are no more unqualified leads hitting sales and no more wasted hours spent following up to basic emails as a marketer.

They got 34M in series B funding just a month ago, so we aren’t the only ones who have faith in them.

Conversica’s AI takes care of everything in a way that completely disrupts how we look at the marketing and sales process, all without losing human warmth.


If you’re in sales, you’re probably accustomed to bounced emails because your lead contact details aren’t valid or are out of date. No more with LeadIQ.

LeadIQ scours the web in real-time for contact data that is up to date, then they take an extra step to verify it.

At 95% delivery rate, LeadIQ has something to brag about. Their innovative tools are removing an otherwise irritating facet of life that marketing and sales have otherwise come to accept.


Here’s another one that’s still in beta. Elucify also helps you find contact information for leads as well, but it’s a crowdsourced platform. Basically, you share your own email address and contacts, and so do other users who sign up. As such, everyone is always adding to the database to, presumably, fill in addresses for contacts at companies with which people would like to make connections.

I’m already signed up, and I can vouch that the interface is very easy to use. Everything seems clean, well-designed, and incredibly promising. My only concern is that it requires access to your work email. Of course, this means many people will not be able to use the service due to privacy concerns and concerns about proprietary data across those channels. We’ll have to wait to see what changes come as they come out of beta.


Another beta, Saygent claims to specialize in “non-obvious retail technologies.” Where most sales companies are focusing on digital these days, Saygent is merging tech into the real world where their focus lies. They optimize landing pages for “in-store sales conversations.”


LeadGenius helps you incorporate data that is actually relevant to you when building accounts, helps teams engage with their accounts in personal ways, and, even though they’re a SaaS company, they don’t rely only on software. They have teams of people to help determine the veracity of data in ways that software can’t yet achieve.

One big plus to LeadGenius as well is that they are a charter member of the Good Work Code and offer work opportunities to people with digital skills anywhere in the world.

Level Eleven

Level Eleven harnesses gamification for sales, a crossover that nets major boosts in performance. They’re happy to tell you just how much performance, too, with their 10 second ROI calculator. They take the motivation from games and smash it together with sales performance to keep everyone driven and selling to their full potential.

Of course, gamification elements add not only to motivation but to fun as well, something that could completely change some sales environments for the better. Happier employees make all the difference to a company.

Charlie App

Many people in the business world say it’s all about who you know. Of course, superficial connections without any actual knowledge of the person do very little. Charlie App helps you find out important things about your contacts before you meet and organizes them all into a single page. Things like blog posts, accomplishments, shared connections and passions all appear on the one-pager so you always know how to connect on a personal level.

Now, you don’t have to research for hours to find out information about your next meeting contact. It’s always available to you when you need it, so you can check in before you step into the meeting room so you can close the deal.


Fusemachines is another AI assistant that is poised to disrupt the way marketing and sales work in the modern world. Their artificial intelligence can help with prospecting, lead qualification, response generation, and appointment booking. This, of course, makes the lives of those in marketing and sales exponentially easier and more efficient now that each step doesn’t have to be done by hand.


Social media is a hotbed for lead generation if you know how to utilize it well. Socedo helps with that. With Socedo, you can increase not only your followers, but your relevant followers who can turn directly into leads, and it even helps you convert them. They sport a line of huge industry customers including Microsoft, Citrix, and Lenovo.


Interpretive is predictive analytics for sales. They cover many functions of data scientists but for a much lower cost using machine learning to interpret huge arrays of data. This helps sales teams see gaps and opportunities to make their bottom line grow.


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