Top 10 Robotics Companies Disrupting Healthcare

  • 4 May 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

Healthcare has been constantly evolving throughout the course of history, and even now is a hotbed of disruptive technology activity. Robotics is an especially useful facet of tech when it comes to healthcare because of its extensive list of capabilities and benefits. Robots can oftentimes take over human tasks more accurately and efficiently, like in the case of medicine dispensing.


They can also give us presence into the lives of our elderly loved ones and keep them safer by contacting emergency personnel if needed. Robots can even help make surgery less invasive and give doctors the ability to perform procedures remotely. Robots have opened a multitude of doorways in healthcare, and the positive benefits they bring are still on the rise.





Check out the top ten robotics companies in the healthcare industry!



Eyra provides a wearable device for visually-impaired individuals to recognize both people around them as well as their environment. Eyra combines machine learning, AI, and machine vision to improve the quality of life of visually impaired customers. They use a small computer with cameras to monitor the environment in front of the wearer and speak through the headset about the environment.





Revolve Robotics

Revolve Robotics provides a next-level telecommunications and telepresence tool. Revolve’s tablet allows connected individuals to rotate and move the tablet as if they were present, so that they can gain a better view of the environment. Revolve’s tablet can be used for applications like homebound schooling, caring for the elderly, rural healthcare, and more.






MedRobotics offers a platform for surgeons to utilize minimally invasive surgery options for oral and transoral needs. MedRobotics combines a highly flexible, dual layer scope with tool support tubes to give surgeons ideal vision and tool rigidity for operation, while making the area of operation more easily accessible.






UnitDoseOne provides an automated medicine dispenser for hospitals and pharmacies. The medicines are dispensed in smart boxes that scan for a user’s bracelet or ID to ensure that the right medication is going to the right place, allowing the minds of medical staff to rest on taking care of the patient’s needs and not double-checking medication dosages.







CyberHeart uses their CyberKnife to treat cardiac arrhythmia in a minimally invasive way that is much more time efficient than previous solutions. CyberHeart has developed an effective radiosurgery alternative to traditional RF methods. CyberKnife uses short, controlled bursts of radiation to inflict tissue scarring and block the signals the initiate arrhythmia in most patients.





Titan Medical


Titan Medical is a publically-owned company that specializes in creating robotic platforms for minimally invasive surgery. Titan offers their SPORT platform for easy, stable function in the operating room while offering truly interchangeable tools to increase the efficiency of the operation overall.





Hanson Robotics

Hanson Robotics is developing an AI software platform to allow androids to learn how to be more human, understand emotion, and display human emotions, when combined with their robotics hardware platform. Sophia, a Hanson Robotics android was featured at SXSW and other conferences. She can help in healthcare and therapy, as well as a wide range of other medical applications. Her goal is to help humans grow and adapt to our ever-evolving environment. You can see more about Sophia at her website here.





INF Robotics

INF Robotics has developed RUDY, an in-house personal assistant for the elderly. RUDY enables doctors to perform telemedicine, and can even respond to human calls for help by contacting emergency service personnel. INF Robotics hopes to tap into the multi-billion dollar telemedicine industry and provide baby-boomers with in-home support so that they can remain autonomous longer.






MOTI is a small, personal AI that helps people form good habits. MOTI learns and adapts to what motivates its partners to perform the actions they should be, like drinking more water and exercising regularly. MOTI is designed to form a connection and assist people with positive reinforcement, becoming increasingly excited as people continue on their development paths.





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