Top 10 Robotics Companies Disrupting the Defense Industry

  • 3 May 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

Military and defense have always been major drivers of innovation, and today is no different. Thankfully, robotic solutions like those from the inventive companies on this list help keep our service men and women out of harm’s way.


Robotic technology can do more now than ever before, and it finds use in the defense sector in rehabilitation, reconnaissance, weapon neutralization and so much more. We can only expect to see these technologies continue to flourish in the coming years for a variety of missions and purposes in defense.  





Check out the top ten defense robotics companies!


Ekso Bionics

Ekso Bionics provides exoskeletons to civilians, military, and other defense personnel. Ekso Bionics’ suits are being used successfully to rehabilitate injured patients and help them regain their ability to walk and move freely. Ekso Bionics is a publically-held company with partnerships including UC Berkeley. They have even licensed technology to Lockheed-Martin.





Neptec Technologies

Neptec creates and offers advanced machine vision sensor units for deployment in harsh environments. Neptec’s sensors provide not only normal photo and video sensors, but also LIDAR. Change recognition and object recognition are just a couple of the out-of-the-box options that accompany Neptec’s development kit.





Energid Technologies

Energid Technologies provides consulting insight into some of the most complex robotics questions. They have a long track record of innovation in areas that have benefitted not only consumer electronics, but also significantly helped growth in the private defense and government robotics sectors as well. Energid creates custom robots and software solutions for their clients.






Robo-Team researches, creates, and manufactures unmanned robotics systems and associated controllers for military and law enforcement applications with the intent to minimize risk for service personnel while they are in the line of duty. Robo-Team developed the IRIS and MGTR ground-based robots which are used in urban combat scenarios for intelligence collection, as well as the ROCU-7 controller which allows users to control multiple robots simultaneously.





SRI International

SRI International provides soldiers who are wounded in combat the ability to receive some of the best medical care possible with the M7 surgical robot. The M7 surgical robot offers force-feedback for sensations such as pressure when making a cut into someone’s skin and eliminates vibration and shake from the environment. SRI’s M7 robot is getting critical care to wounded service quicker than ever before.





MRX Technologies

The MRX Global Holding Group involves more than 300 companies in the development of future-altering technologies. Among their defense and robotics offerings are 3D printing of micro robots and the capability to eliminate command-and-control structures in a non-lethal manner. MRX has also pioneered an effective method of safely neutralizing WMD-class weapons and biological agents.




M-Tecks Robotics

M-Tecks Robotics provides small, all-terrain robots for the defense and civil enforcement industries. Their R model shows promise in urban environments, and capability to adapt to its environment in terms of agility. The R model can flex its ends or middle up and down as needed to scale terrain at various heights. It can even roll over gaps up to 260mm wide.





Neya Systems

Neya Systems has built machine vision and mission planning services for defense personnel. Neya’s machine vision equipment operates with a software development kit and an easy-to-use interface. Neya’s MPMS system lets the shot-callers update mission plans offline based on real-time intelligence. Field operators can then update once the commander publishes the information.





Silent Falcon


Silent Falcon has garnered attention from some of the largest aerospace and defense players in the industry. NASA tested a solar-powered Silent Falcon UAS in late 2016. Silent Falcon recently also formed partnerships with companies like Astrike Technologies to bring themselves onto the global market with their small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS) platform.






Qinetiq provides robotics consulting and customized platforms for government and civil agency use. Their robotics platforms range from HazMat operations and bomb disposal to cargo movements. Qinetiq helps keep the men and women in service healthier and safer from potentially life-threatening situations.





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