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Top 10 Online Learning Platforms to Watch in 2018

  • 29 November 2017
  • Walter Couture

The Learning Management Systems market is projected to be worth over $7 billion this coming year with the majority of the revenue coming from North American companies. Almost 42% of Fortune 500 companies are using educational technology to instruct their employees, and much of this is through online learning.

There is a myriad of online learning platforms to choose from. Some are cloud-based and some are open-source. Many learning platforms are corporate-oriented and designed to help training departments improve learning efficiency and reach more employees through the convenience of online access from an assortment of personal devices.

There are growing trends in online learning platforms and programs that include compliance with standardized formats, socialization and engagement tools like gamification.

Here are some noteworthy online learning platforms to watch in 2018.

Adobe Captivate Prime

Adobe Captivate Prime provides user control over setup, delivery, and the tracking of learner progress.

It uses a product called Fluidic Player that enables online learners to take notes on the go. Its online dashboard guides the learner through a schedule of completed and pending tasks and shows the student how he or she is doing compared with colleagues.

Adobe Captivate

Captivate Prime enables the learner to download content to be accessed and studied offline. The system tracks progress and automatically syncs at the next login.

Docebo LMS

Docebo is a learner-centric, award-winning platform that uses both social and formal learning.

It uses gamification to increase learner engagement and provides stimuli like awards, badges, and rankings. Docebo can be used with an assortment of video conferencing tools like Adobe Connect, Big Blue Button, Blue Jeans and SkyMeeting among others.

Online Learning Platform – Docebo

Docebo is flexible enough to be used with third-party software and can be used for certification testing and retraining.

Capture user-generated knowledge – Docebo

Talent LMS

Talent uses gamification to increase engagement and is a system that allows material already in existence to be blended in for a truly customized LMS.

It can be accessed from any mobile device including iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

Talent supports industry standards like SCORM and Tin Can. It has a variety of organization and communications tools like a calendar, messaging, discussion forums and video conferencing.


The Academy LMS

by Growth Engineering

The Academy uses a mobile application for deployment of its LMS, and boasts “We wage war on dull online learning.”  

It uses social learning and gamification and works with standards like SCORM. It allows the creation of special discussion groups and one-to-one communications.

Social Learning – The Academy LMS

It uses recognition techniques like badges and leader-boards and features an interactive classroom and a full suite of reporting tools.


ExpertusOne is a Learning Management System that caters to certain industries like manufacturing, technology, energy and utilities, and retail.

The platform offers public and private chats during online lessons, individual and group assistance, voice search features, content sharing and voice search.

Designed for large enterprises, ExpertusOne empowers learners with advanced mobile, gamification, social learning, eCommerce, Salesforce integration; automated administration, and real-time data.

Gamification – Expertus One


Dokeos is a system that enables users to ensure consistent compliance and competency management for highly regulated industries.

It offers a platform with 10-language capability, portal customization, quiz scenarios, and social tools like wikis, forums, and surveys. It allows the uploading of SCORM-compliant courses and the sharing of documents via Dropbox.


Dokeos Live provides audio and video communications for online facilitators to host online sessions. PowerPoint presentations can be inserted, and recordings can be made available to absentees.

Dokeos Live


Scitent offers a Learning Management System and distribution platform that combines eLearning with growing prospective customers through B2B and B2C channels.

It provides a way to have an eLearning business and to sustain its growth to capture new learners and members, and actually make it a profit center.


Scitent works with customers to create an interactive and customized learning system on multiple platforms that are based on its research on adult learners. The company works with customers on how to monetize, market, and distribute the system to new audiences through its PROPEL distribution system.

Build an eLearning business – PROPEL


Coursera offers courses from top universities and professors online for free.

Its education platform combines online learning principles, video lectures, interactive content and a community of learners.

Coursera partners with universities and professors throughout the world to provide courses in a variety of disciplines including history, medicine, literature, computer science, painting, and more.


Udemy is an online platform that serves 7 million students. The company boasts over 30,000 courses taught by 16,000 instructors.

It partners with other companies to offer specialized online courses like the most sought-after corporate skills or skills needed to develop 2D and 3D games.

About Udemy

Udemy offers a corporate learning platform to access business-relevant content and allows the creation of customized training courses. Udemy offers course creators helpful insights into user behavior and learning patterns.

Udemy for Mobile


Udacity offers online vocational courses professionals can use to improve their careers.

These courses are well suited to computer science and programming. It partners with several universities to offer online “for credit” courses.


Udacity offers several programs it calls “Nanodegrees” that are tailored to the employment needs of some of its corporate partners including AT&T, Google, and Salesforce.

Online learning is a growing industry. In addition to specific company platforms, there are massive open online courses (MOOC) aimed at open access and unlimited participation via the web. These courses offer traditional material like readings and lectures but in addition, offer interactive social forums and online discussion groups.

MOOCs provide open licensing of content with the intent that resources be reusable and remixable. Virtually anyone interested in online learning, whether a student, instructor, content creator, or CEO, has the opportunity to join and add value to this social and educational phenomenon.

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