Top 10 Most Disruptive Companies in Montreal

  • 19 April 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

Montreal, Quebec is a French-speaking city well-known for their underground tunnels and delicious food that can be found practically everywhere. But this bustling international hub has something else going on beneath the surface–a vibrant disruptive technology scene. Montreal is brimming with futurist companies working in industries such as artificial intelligence, big data, virtual reality, and more.






Check out these top ten disruptive companies in Montreal, Quebec:



Blockstream has multiple locations including San Francisco, CA, but their headquarters is located in Montreal, Quebec. They are using sidechains to let users utilize the bitcoin blockchain for specific uses. They are the creators of the open-source app building and testing platform, Elements, as well as Liquid.





Plotly is making business intelligence and data science available to everyone with an open source library of visualization and graphics all meant for data as well as a creation tool. Users can easily create and share presentations from the interface, and the price starts as low as completely free. They’re used by such big names as Google, NASA, and Tesla.




Felix & Paul Studios

Felix & Paul Studios is creating virtual reality cinema for epic productions such as Cirque du Soleil and presidential documentaries, but also their own original movies such as Nomads and Strangers. They’ve even developed their own proprietary 3d 360º camera systems and software for high-end, revolutionary cinematic experiences.




Hexoskin – Carré Technologies

Hexoskin is an IoT company that creates high-tech wearables in the form of clothing that use predictive analytics to detect health and wellness problems. Their smart shirts measure breathing rate, heart rate, variability, recovery, step counts, calories, activity level, and several other factors. Users can even download their raw data for use with their own analytics software, so their products are suitable for even the most diehard fans of life- and self-quantification.



Vrvana is the creator of a headset for gamers that combines both virtual reality and augmented reality into a headset with a 120º field of view. Their call to fame is this huge field of view that surpasses most other VR/AR headsets on the market which allows for a much fuller, deeper immersion experience.





BiogeniQ offers DNA testing to determine which courses of action best fit with user’s personal genetics for things such as pharmaceuticals and nutrition. For pharmaceuticals, they test users’ DNA with over 50 medications to determine how they will react and also determine the best medicines and dosages depending on the genetic profile offered. Then, they integrate this data into medical records to help doctors with future care. Beyond testing for responses to nutritional elements, the genetic nutrition profile also comes with a consultation with a dietician.



Automat uses artificial intelligence to create messaging bots that can be used for conversational marketing. The company holds 17 patent in speech recognition, natural language understanding, virtual assistants, and AI, and they support billions of customer interactions yearly.


Element AI

Element AI is all about embracing an AI-First world and is helping companies achieve that goal via research, AI-as-a-Service, and a “startup factory” which founds and incubates AI startups. They also have a Faculty Fellowship program that consists of a vast network of academic researchers in the field of artificial intelligence.   





Fluent.AI uses any language to learn from context, behavior, and speech for the purpose of personalized intent recognition.  It can be used both offline and in noisy environments, and has the ability to learn phrases from users. It uses a speech engine to understand natural language no matter the situation–whether using VR, in a smart car, or at home.




WearhHacks is a Montreal-based nonprofit “whose mission is to create the world's largest network of emerging technology enthusiasts.” They run hackathons and workshops to make futurist, disruptive tech such as IoT devices accessible, approachable, and affordable to young generations. They are offering educational and networking opportunities to young people that will make a positive impact on the future of mankind.  



Runners Up:



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