Top 10 MarTech Startups to Watch in 2017

  • 14 January 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

Marketing is the backbone of any well-functioning business, because, well, if no one has heard of you, then no one can care to buy. But marketing in the age where everyone and every brand is on social media, emails go unopened until inboxes pile up so high users simply make new accounts (or worse, have all their signups sent to a single “spam” account just to get the free offer by which content marketers firmly stand), and there’s a constant war for attention, can be hard for even seasoned marketers.

We’re in the time of skimming and headline surfing, with many users even sharing marketers best efforts without ever actually seeing the content.

So the question is—who will disrupt marketing? Who will make the change to help marketers be effective in a sea of data?

The answer—these ten MarTech startups to watch in 2017.

1. Influitive

Every marketer worth his or her salt knows that there is unmatched power in social proof and advocacy. Years of bad marketing practices have given people a seed of distrust for marketing language, supposing all the positive things we’re spewing are snake oil and hogwash.

On the other hand, if Betsy, the neighbor lady down the street says a product is good, well, then we assume she’s probably right, and we’re more likely to give it a shot. What reason does Betsy have to lie to us?

Of course, this is why you see content marketers often using case studies to increase conversions. But Influitive is taking advocacy to a new level.

Influitive seizes the persuasive punch of advocacy and blends it with gamification principles to get more of that sweet, sweet elixir of user influence that marketers (and sales!) crave. Plus, they do it at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

2. Invoca

The phone call—the one form of marketing that keeps new marketers up at night with cold sweats. Of course, it’s a majorly important form of marketing, especially if you’re in B2B. Invoca is making the whole process a little—a lot—better.

Invoca is call intelligence that integrates with major platforms such as SalesForce and Facebook that provides insights about who is calling, the call’s purpose, and what is being said during the call to make the whole process data-driven. It tells you what triggered your calls among all of your marketing channels so you can optimize and increase ROI.

3. Relative Insight

Relative Insight is combining linguistics, data, and analysis to track what people are really saying. Those people may be your consumers or even your competitors. It’s “Relative” Insight because they track changes among the language data you are analyzing which include shifts in attitude.

Their language insights offer great benefits for marketers to assist in conversion and optimization that is data-driven and tailored directly to your target customers based on your own data. Marketers reach their audience in their audience’s own words and in tune with their own ideals.

4. Wrapify

This one is kind of low-tech MarTech meets disruptive innovation in a way that hits as so “That’s so simple! Why didn’t I think of that?!” that you just know it’s brilliant. These people know how to fill a niche.

Wrapify works like this:

  • Users download the app.
  • Companies pay them to wrap their cars in their ads.
  • Users drive around.
  • Bam, moving billboard! Everyone wins, and everyone gets paid.

It’s like Uber for marketing, and it’s so simple, it’s disruptive.

5. Socedo

A lot of marketers feel the impact of social media, but this becomes increasingly present when you’re judged on likes and shares alone to determine the ROI you generate.

With Socedo, the lead prospecting that social media marketers engage in on social media is evolved into a software-driven process of discovery, engagement, and qualification—a vital step that is often missing in social strategy.

6. Faraday

Faraday is a blend of marketing and big data analytics specifically for B2C companies. They help you track your marketing goals and track progress for each individual goal while posing new opportunities. They also give you feedback on insight at every level so you can compare everything you can think of. According to them, you can even home in on hipsters.


7. Hypr

Hypr, like every marketer you meet, is focused on influence. Namely, they are focused on influencers and have the largest database of them in the world at a whopping 9 million.

They’ve made that database searchable by name and audience, so marketers know just who to contact when they need an influencer to back a campaign. Now, that is smart marketing. Just don’t start your influencer contact with, “Can I ask you a favor?” or the Marketers of Yore will come forth and smite thee.

8. AdMass

Conversely, we’ve got AdMass who specifically says on their homepage “Advocate Marketing, Not Influencer Marketing.” They are all about finding people who have influence about your product because they speak about your story from the heart.

AdMass is for times when you need real people saying very real things about your brand that they passionately believe. Especially because Gen Y and Gen Z (and presumably Gen Alpha will follow suit) care about authenticity above most things in a brand, AdMass is ideal for marketers targeting younger folks.

9. Bright Edge

With BrightEdge, we’re back to solving the endless waves of information that every company—big and small—has to compete against. BrightEdge runs the numbers to find content that marketers can jump on that show organic opportunity. Especially since Google algorithms have changed to value organic traffic and true value above keyword-stuffing “SEO” of yesteryear, this can be an incredible edge.

So, while your competitors are trying to use trending keywords, you can already be creating where users are likely to look next. Not only that, but it shows you with real data how your content stacks up against your competitors.

10. Phrasee

Phrasee takes human language, smooshes it together with artificial intelligence, and bakes it into a giant loaf of awesome to sate the hungry wants of marketers for years to come. For every marketer that has sat, deliberated, banged their head on their desk, and ruminated for hours on word choice, Phrasee is here to save you.

Phrasee optimizes your marketing language for you using a machine, but, and here’s the best part about it, it spits it back out in a way that still sounds human. The artificial intelligence used by Phrasee understands very human feelings and understands what will make your audience respond. Tugging at your target user’s heartstrings has never been easier, no head-desk required.

These MarTech startups have our attention in 2017. Who's caught your eye? Let us know in the comments!

About Cas Proffitt

Cas is a B2B Content Marketer and Brand Consultant who specializes in disruptive technology. She covers topics like artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, blockchain, and big data, to name a few. Cas is also co-owner of an esports organization and spends much of her time teaching gamers how to make a living doing what they love while bringing positivity to the gaming community.