Top 10 Internet of Things Companies Disrupting the Security Industry

  • 9 May 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

The feeling that ourselves, our families, and our assets are protected is among the most comforting in the world. With connected Internet of Things devices, security is getting smarter. Smart homes themselves already offer a huge array of security benefits to a conscientious user, but IoT has extended even further beyond home security. IoT devices are also making significant strides in the cybersecurity realm which helps keep one of our most valuable assets, our data, safe and secure. In fact, IoT devices can even have a positive impact on gun safety.




Check out the top ten IoT companies in the security industry below!



ComfyLight provides a non-intrusive security device that allows a user’s dwelling to mimic their normal in-home movement patterns, a practice that makes it difficult for intruders to discern whether or not a user is at home. ComfyLight uses a mix of location sensing, automated light bulbs and a smartphone app to monitor and recreate user’s standard movements. In the event of an intrusion, ComfyLight sends the user an alert and allows the user to contact the authorities.






YardArm Technologies

YardArm Technologies addresses the situational risk associated with law enforcement by allowing users to link their weapon to their holster and keep a running record of changes in the gun’s aim or position in the holster. The YardArm “smart gun” attachment monitors firing cycles, reloading, holster insertion or withdrawal, and more, giving law enforcement an auditable trail of their gun and even turning the officer’s body camera on as soon as their weapon is drawn.






Crypta Labs

Crypta Labs has developed a truly random number generator. Crypta Labs has named their innovation the Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG). The QRNG allows encryption to occur based on true randomness, reducing the possible weakness in encryption due to algorithmic number generation. Crypta Labs designed their QRNG chip specifically to secure the IoT.







SecuriThings uses behavioral analytics to secure IoT devices all over their customers’ networks. SecuriThings lets users integrate their solution via plugins and APIs to ensure a fully secured environment. SecuriThings lets customers design and enforce customized security policies.







Apptimate provides anonymous encryption as a service for IoT and outside-of-network devices. Apptimate uses “forgetful networking” to increase data security: they do not retain any of the information. Apptimate even offers single-to-many encryption for users and applications.






Kiwi.KI gives landlords and multi-tenant building owners the ability to restrict access to their facilities without imposing hefty restrictions onto their tenants. Kiwi uses transponders to open locks and doors for residents while not allowing entry for individuals without the transponder. Kiwi “Ki(s)” allow landlords and maintenance staff to come and go as needed with Ki programming.







Trillium provides security to IoT-enabled vehicles, protecting them from a variety of attacks through system-hardening and constant updates, artificial intelligence, and active countermeasures. Trillium can actively target and disable network nodes that are perceived as taking malicious action toward the vehicle.







CryptoMove is bringing an active defense approach to information retention. CryptoMove defends information by constantly moving, fragmenting, and (re-)encrypting the information continuously. CryptoMove claims to be quantum computing and ransomware resistant. They are currently pursuing industry pilot programs to integrate their mutative defenses into industrial and IoT applications.   









Bastille is a cybersecurity company that focuses on securing the wireless technologies that permeate through a corporate environment. Bastille recently made the public aware of the MouseJack exploit that allows computers that use wireless mice and keyboards to be fed unencrypted signals to take over the computer as though remote access were being used. Bastille researches and helps companies defend against other and similar attacks every day.







Cyberflow Analytics monitors customers’ industrial IoT devices and helps them defend against advanced persistent threats among other attacks. Cyberflow uses behavioral pattern monitoring and machine learning to build an effective defense against cyber attacks and data breaches.





Runner Up:



Entefy is bringing all of the daily interactions we experience on a daily basis into one platform. Saving the time it takes users to switch between applications can save an enormous amount of time and frustration. Entefy allows users to work and interact more efficiently, giving them more time to do the things they care about.




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