Top 10 IoT Conferences of 2017

  • 19 March 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

The Internet of Things is that special technology that lets us help save the environment but automatically adjusting lights, temperature, and airflow to increase energy efficiency. It’s the same technology that lets us check on the meal in our Crock-Pot from hundreds of miles away.


The uses for IoT technology can infiltrate practically every aspect of our digital lives and create connected devices from things we would have previously never imagined–from trash cans to smart cities.




The best and brightest in this all-consuming niche are congregating worldwide at these top ten disruptive IoT conferences for 2017:


Internet of Manufacturing 2017

Mar. 7-8 in Chicago, IL

Ticket prices:

Contact them via their website for pricing.

The Internet of Manufacturing is focused on the industrial side of IoT technology. This conference zones in on increasing efficiency and ROI as well as increasing the ability to securely manage machines and reduce the overall cost to produce the plethora of manufactured goods that our society depends on.


IoTFuse Conference 2017

Apr. 21 in Minneapolis, MN

Ticket prices:



IoTFuse was named by Business Insider to be the IoT event to attend in 2017 with a community of more than 4,500 high-level buyers. IoTFuse brings script-savvy individuals together with the higher-level executives so that industry can bring new ideas into their business models.



IoT Global Congress 2017

Apr. 27-28 in London, UK

Ticket prices:

Range from 495EUR (early bird) to 1350EUR standard


The IoT Global Congress brings companies like IBM and Cisco together in order to advance the capabilities of applying IoT solutions to smart-home applications, supply chain, and other facets of automation and connectivity. The event is based in London, which is currently one of the world’s most advanced FinTech hotspots.


Internet of Things World

May 16-18 in Santa Clara, CA

Ticket prices:

Starting at $895

Everything pass – $2895

Reduced price if booked before April 21, 2017

Press can apply for free passes


Internet of Things World is a conference that brings the culmination of some of the world’s best talent relating to IoT and blockchain tech together in one area. Some of the hot topics at Internet of Things World include tying IoT and blockchain tech together, cybersecurity, autonomous vehicles, and improving the healthcare sector’s ability to protect their patients information while serving them more efficiently. The conference will meet in the heart of Silicon Valley—Santa Clara, CA. They offer reduced cost tickets if you get one before April 21st.



May 22-25 in Boston, MA

Ticket prices:

Range from $695 for early bird explorer pass, $995 for an all-access pass, and $1,395 for a VIP pass (only available to the first 75 requests)

Prices go up to $895 , $1,395, and $1,795 respectively after Mar. 1st


LiveWorx brings a wide range of technological influences together in a massive 4-day conference. Topics of interest include IoT for startups, augmented reality, and robotics—though there are many more listed on their site. Keynote speakers include Jim Heppelmann,  Reshma Saujani, and Mario Armstrong this year.



Sensors Expo & Conference

Jun. 27-29 in San Jose, CA

Ticket prices:

Range from Free (early bird registration) to $1549 for full-price VIP passes


Sensors Expo is a Silicon Valley-based conference and trade-show that has focused exclusively on sensors and sensor-related systems for more than 30 years. Sensors Expo is offering workshops and symposiums on cutting edge IoT items like self-powered sensors and functional fabrics.



IoT Evolution Expo

Jul. 17-20  in Las Vegas, NV

Ticket prices:

Range from $100 to $4,000


The IoT Evolution Expo has a wide array of offerings ranging from securing IoT devices to industrial applications for IoT solutions. Last year, IoT Evolution had more than 150 speakers and hosted a Case Study Theater as well as their “Battle of the Platforms”. IoT Evolution Expo doesn’t just stop at traditional IoT solutions, however. They also of focus on fog computing  and connected vehicles. They feature keynote speakers from companies like AT&T, VMware, and Intel Security.



Industry of Things World USA 2017

Sept. 18-19 in Berlin, Germany

Ticket prices:

$2,295 for single tickets

Up to 50% discount on team tickets (vs. Single representative)


Industry of Things World brings together more than 500 executives and many other top minds that work with the industrial internet of things (IIoT) for a two-and-a-half day conference. Topics covered include IoT security and efficiency, robotics, automation, and much more. This has been called the leading IIoT conference for executives and other leading minds in the industry. Plus, they offer discounts for team tickets.


IoT International Innovation Conference 2017 (I3C'17)

Oct. 5-7 in Saidia, Morocco

Ticket prices:

Currently unannounced, more info coming soon on their site.


I3C’17 is a conference that is bringing together some of the greatest minds in the world to solve issues and advance the technology which will influence the next decade—things like 5G connectivity, big IoT data, and smart cities. They don’t have much information available on their site yet for this year’s event, but there is plenty of time between now and October, so stay tuned!


Smart City Expo World Congress 2017

Nov. 14-17 in Barcelona, Spain

Ticket prices:

Registration opens: Nov 13 from 3pm to 7pm

Speakers register by Mar. 1st for consideration


Smart City Expo is a gathering that helps to increase collaboration and provide a platform for companies to showcase their projects in bringing smart cities into an efficient reality. Companies like Cisco and Amazon (AWS) presented at the event in 2016, and they are currently accepting requests to become a speaker.


What’s your favorite IoT device? Are there any other IoT conferences that belong on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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