Top 10 Internet of Things Companies to Watch in the Manufacturing Industry

  • 11 May 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

Top 10 Internet of Things Companies Disrupting Manufacturing


The Internet of Things, or, more specifically, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is changing the process for manufacturing from start to finish. Everything from equipment that can alert the necessary people when there is a problem, to smart resource management for energy and water in a facility, to warehouse stock tracking and compliance assistances, these connected devices are disrupting old methods of manufacturing. Smarter devices help workers stay safe and users to quickly receive the correct products with impeccable quality control.





Check out the top ten IoT companies in the manufacturing industry!


KONUX brings the best of AI analysis and smart sensor data into effect so that businesses can actively predict when machines need maintenance. Smart maintenance operations help to increase work efficiency and overall workforce uptime. KONUX offers the sensors, data collection, and AI all as a service to their customers.







PalleTech is providing a new way to optimize supply-chain operations. PalleTech provides IoT connected pallet technology to pallet providers, who then build and provide smart pallets to their customers. PalleTech pallets have a 5-year battery life and constantly monitor location, temperature, and stock to increase compliance with regulatory agencies.







ELMODIS is providing monitoring for industrial IoT solutions so that manufacturers can determine when specific equipment is in need of maintenance, is not operating correctly, or is just inefficient. ELMODIS’ product line services the oil, gas, mining, and manufacturing sectors. They can monitor equipment such as pumps, conveyors, motors, and more.







Water.IO is bringing intelligent packaging to the consumer market. Their products use IoT monitoring technology to verify the location, shipping conditions, and quality of products for industries like food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods.






SensEye has developed an infrastructure-agnostic machine monitoring program that can tell the users when the machine is nearing a point of failure or requires preventative maintenance.  SensEye aims to increase the overall efficiency of machines in the workforce.







ARCSTONE brings data collection and industrial IoT machine monitoring technology to the warehouse and manufacturing floor. Even fully manual processes can be monitored by ARCSTONE’s IIoT monitoring solution, allowing shop managers to continually improve the efficiency of their operations.






SupraControl gives their customers the ability to monitor things like temperature, humidity, and electrical consumption while also controlling electricity usage, alerting them to and preventing water leaks. SupraControl helps users optimize their resource usage to lower their costs of operation.





New Icon


New Icon is bringing machine-based automation to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. New Icon provides smart storage and automated retrieval of medications in the pharmacy, and even controls distribution to pharmacies.






SPARKL uses a blockchain-based sequencing engine to increase the efficiency and auditability of machines that are operating using their ClearBox system. Their system allows customers to operate on virtually any blockchain environment that they desire while still delegating the operation and behavior of all the machines on the network. SPARKL enables manufacturers to adapt their processes based on information from their industrial IoT devices.






Cybus provides the middle platform for industrial IoT devices to intermingle with legacy systems. Cybus provides customers with a hybrid cloud-and-local operating environment that helps secure data and increase overall efficiency of machines even in a complex industrial environment.



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