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  • 7 March 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

Agriculture is an industry that began as early as 9000 B.C. Now, some 11 thousand years later, we as a species are still growing, learning, and advancing in this realm. It makes sense–we all have to eat. The initial invention of farming in the Fertile Crescent triggered a series of events that has allowed humanity to get to the point we are today in terms of technology.

Before that, as we hunted and gathered, we were never in one spot long enough to form cultures or to simply sit and contemplate ideas. In a way, agriculture itself gave rise to major human achievements such as philosophy and, if you really look at, even artificial intelligence. Although now we can simply run to the grocer’s for foods imported from around the globe, we’re continuing to make our food sources smarter and more sustainable with every passing year.



Through AgTech, these ten companies are making agriculture smarter than ever and carrying on a legacy that extends further back than most any.


With the use of AgTech these ten companies are making agriculture smarter than ever while carrying on a great cultural legacy:




Cowlar is a wearable tech agriculture company creating smart collars for cattle. Cowlar monitors the vital signs of cattle and allows for ranchers to adjust the diet and living conditions until the animal is happy. Cowlars have seen an increase in milk productivity and higher reproduction rates. Cowlar features a water resistant and durable design to ensure your information is current and accurate.





HerdDogg is a smart eartag producer for keeping up with livestock and their conditions. The system works in three parts–the tag which collects and stores the data and the reader or “DoggBone” which aggregates the information from the tags so that it can be uploaded to the last segment, the cloud, where the data is analyzed and turned into an easy to digest display.





Hortau is a wireless soil and irrigation management platform. Hortau integrates with ST field monitors which can connect to irrigation infrastructure to perform tasks such as starting pumps on-demand, based on a schedule, or based on soil conditions.  With Hortau, you can trigger your field automation with your phone or laptop based on any of the existing conditions (weather, soil, etc.).







FieldIn combines sensors and efficiency logs to give farm investors and workers actionable insights into the farm’s operation. Any tractor can be turned into a smart tractor, giving the system the ability to track all of the farm’s assets at will. Beyond just collecting the information, FieldIn gives an actionable, high-level overview of the farm’s operations for the investors.





Pycno offers wireless, modular soil sensors for use in determining what the soil needs so that farmers can use only the fertilizer and other additives they need in order to reduce waste. Beyond resource distribution recommendations, Pycno also offers information related to disease probabilities as when farmers should water crops. All of Pycno’s insights come from real-time data.


The Yield


The Yield focuses on ensuring that the growing conditions on a farm are kept to a certain standard. The Yield offers a free app that helps users remain aware of the weather conditions (rainfall, evapotranspiration, etc.). The Yield takes a technology-based stance on resolving the issues humanity has with feeding itself. If we make production more efficient, then we can feed more people for less.





Agrosmart helps farmers monitor more than 10 environmental conditions so that they can make more educated decisions about how to allocate their resources and deal with pests. Agrosmart is trying to change the way agricultural operations are handled to incorporate real-time data, maximize efficiency, and enhance farmers’ ability to feed the world.





Grownetics assists with the installation of indoor crop monitoring equipment to maximize growing efficiency. Grownetics uses fog networking to ensure that all sensors remain functional even if lacking an internet connection.They were also featured on our Top 10 Cannabis Companies to Watch in 2017 article.



Amber Agriculture


Amber Agriculture allows farmers to manage their stored crops to ensure they receive the maximum price per unit for their sales. Amber is a solution for storing crops after harvest when a significant amount of product tends to be lost. They are not open to the public yet, but they are taking applications for early access.




SciCrop focuses the utility of big data and smart farming technology into an actionable dashboard of information. Post-processing with agricultural information ensures that all of the information remains relevant to the user. Features are all driven by data in real-time for the best possible performance.







MotorLeaf is a modular IoT platform for managing the well-being of crops. MotorLeaf builds components separately but the individual parts can work together if you have a MotorLeaf Heart. MotorLeaf can make adjustments to the environment of your crops automatically.


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