Top 10 Internet of Things Companies to Watch in the Food Industry

  • 26 April 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

Food is vital to human life, and the Internet of Things is making that critical need smarter every day. The IoT can teach users how to care for their own homegrown produce, help users with flawless sous vide cooking, and even make better coffee.


Not to mention, the Internet of Things is one of our best options for making our food safer. IoT and food go together like peanut butter and jelly.  


Check out the top ten IoT food companies to watch this year!




CityCrop provides urban residents a way to grow pesticide-free produce of all sorts in their own home any time of year. CityCrop enables users to grow fruits, vegetables, greens, and other crops in their own home and free of worry. If a plant becomes unhealthy, users can photograph the plant and have it diagnosed by CityCrop’s experts.


CityCrop grows using a combination of LED lighting, climate control, nutrient addition, and hydroponics to ensure that plants grow and are maintained properly throughout the year.





Teforia Company

Teforia Company has combined machine learning and an IoT-enabled smart tea brewing system into a countertop tea master. Teforia Company has established a luxury tea brewing system that identifies the proper brewing conditions for any type of tea. Teforia Company also offers users access to their expansive tea portfolio, a spread of various types and growing environments.


Teforia also offers members of their club a reduction in tea prices.






Diagenetix is working with food providers to control the presence of microbial disease that comes through the food supply. Diagenetix gives food producers a toolkit to detect any gene marker, the toolkit is called the “BioRanger” and can be used for spot testing by research, government or producer-level product inspections.


The Diagenetix BioRanger kit connects with an android-based application to provide a user-friendly interface. The BioRanger kit serves two key purposes–DNA amplification and molecular diagnostics.






Eskesso is bringing IoT-enables sous-vide cooking and deliverable food packages to the consumer market. Eskesso uses a wifi-connected sous vide cooking device to let users monitor the status of their meal from the companion app on their smartphone.  


Eskesso makes it so that their customers will have a perfectly cooked meal waiting for them when they get home from work with minimal time expended.






Culinary Science Industries

Culinary Science Industries has developed a set of products that enhance and target specific pallets. CSI products include a Flavor Reactor to infuse dishes or beverages with unique flavors, a food and a cocktail matrix to target specific flavors and generate ingredient combinations to satisfy multiple patrons, a vegan-friendly, non-GMO solution to create foaminess in foods and beverages, and more.







FliteBrite is open for per-orders for their new beer flight paddle, an IoT-enabled, fluid-resistant serving paddle that offers customers insight into the craft drinks that they can sample. FliteBrite also provides establishment owners with near real-time data about their product movements so they can tell what is selling best.






FarmShelf is developing a smart, compact hydroponic farm for users with limited space and time. FarmShelf notifies users when their crops require attention or are ready to be harvested. Farmshelf manages most of the growing operations to save users time and effort so they can direct their focus to other things and still have healthy food available.







Intellicup uses IoT-enabled cups and digital currency to solve the long wait times and waste issues with traditional beverage vending. Intellicup is a multi-part solution to the aforementioned issues. Customers synchronize their phone to the cup they are using by scanning a QR code in the companion app and then load credits to purchase their drinks with.


Once users have loaded their account and synced with the cup, they can place their cup onto the dispenser which will fill the cup from the bottom to ensure the perfect amount is dispensed every time, and allow faster fill speeds without the risk of lost product.





Spinn Inc.

Spinn Inc. has developed a centrifugal extraction method for coffee brewing. Spinn Inc. coffee makers grind beans fresh and extract the fluid through high-velocity rotation before depositing the coffee into the desired container. Spinn Inc. brewing machines can connect with their companion app, Amazon Echo, and can be used independently as a one-touch system.


When Spinn Inc. machines run low on beans, they can order fresh stock through the internet at user request.






Pubinno is a smart, plug-and-play beer tap that ensures an accurate pour with every dispense. Pubinno was designed to pour a pint without letting the head drain out of the glass so that the beer would have the freshest taste possible. Pubinno helps save bar owners money by eliminating lost product from traditional taps, ensuring the most profit possible per drink.



Do you know of any other IoT companies in the food industry that belong on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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