Top 10 Internet of Things Companies Disrupting the Sports Industry

  • 4 May 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

Sports have been a relevant part of the human condition for thousands of years, but technology is bringing them into the modern age. Internet of Things devices help sporty people monitor their best moves and plays, grow as players, and prevent injuries. These connected devices are making sports smarter from the gym to the field to the track and everything in between.





Check out 2017’s top ten IoT companies in the sports industry!



MoovLab provides users with a CQB training system based around boxing and kickboxing. They incorporate sensors into the users’ gear which allow them to monitor impact and velocity stats. MoovLab also offers users the ability to engage in electronic fights, pitting their agility and stamina against each other.






IntellAthlete combines the physical expertise of 16-year MLB veteran Placido Polanco who has won several awards for physical prowess with machine learning, AI, and wearable monitoring solutions to enhance players’ understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. IntellAthlete offers users actionable suggestions to improve their physical performance.





Laser Spoke

Laser Spoke offers cyclists a new, easy to implement power and torque output monitoring system for their bike(s). Laser spoke was designed to be not only accurate and reliable, but also to be easily interchanged between bikes. Laser Spoke can either record data internally or sync to users’ smartphones for easy information access.





Up Performa

Up Performa has launched a wearable player monitoring solution specifically for soccer/futbol called Eagle Eye which allows players to record information from up to two games at a time. Users can dump the device’s memory to their smartphone or computer and share the information with their teammates so that teams can analyze where they and their teammates are weak and help each other grow.






eyeCam’s eyeHand provides users with all of the creature comforts of having a smartphone with them in a watch-sized package. eyeHand offers advantages over other smartwatches, though. eyeHand connects to smart devices, monitors vital signs, contacts emergency services in the event of a medical emergency, and even lets users track their athletic progress via their watch. Plus, it has a built-in projector and acts as a 3D mouse and controller. eyeHand is not yet available to the public, but will likely be soon.





Tangram Factory

Tangram created the SmartRope, an IoT-based jump rope that tracks user activity accurately by measuring revolutions of the rope instead of vertical acceleration, or vibration. SmartRope also allows interaction and competition with friends and a global leaderboard for jumps executed. SmartRope allows for users to jump in a variety of ways, but tracks them all accurately.





Flip Technologies

Flip Technologies brings RideBlock, a slimline device that attaches to the trucks of a skateboard to monitor all sorts of information about the board’s movement and record trick patterns. RideBlock also allows skaters to record where they have been and what they have done, essentially adding a sort of credibility that can be verified by the app that accompanies RideBlock.






Runteq gives users a visible representation of their running form and efficiency. Zoi is the name of the platform that Runteq offers, and it incorporates wireless sensors for the feet and chest to monitor such things as impact, step count, run speed, and much more. Zoi offers the data in a graphical representation that can be linked to users’ smartphones, or given to personal trainers.






Scoutee gives users a much more approachable way to monitor their pitching speed. Scoutee turns any compatible smartphone into a radar gun and video capture device. Scoutee lets users capture video and speed simultaneously, letting pitchers see what they need to change in order to safely improve and surpass their limits.






Horse Analytics

Horse Analytics provides riders with 24/7 insight into their horse’s well-being, exercise routine, sleep patterns, and more. Horse Analytics was designed to help foster the bond between horse and rider in a natural, non-obtrusive manner to ensure the happiness of both parties. Horse Analytics was a participant of SXSW2017 on Mar. 17.





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