Top 10 Internet of Things Companies Disrupting the Energy Industry

  • 8 May 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

Smarter, more efficient energy consumption–it’s been the dream of environmentalists for decades. Now, it’s possible through the power of Internet of Things devices. Because of their connection capabilities, energy consumption such as the power in a commercial building or even smart home can be constantly monitored and adjusted.

There are plenty of companies who specialize in simple heating and cooling for more efficient homes and offices, which you can see in our list here. But these ten companies have IoT and energy down to a science, and they’re making the world a happier, healthier place.


Check out the top ten IoT companies in the energy industry!


PingThings is combining big data and machine learning to change the way that state utility grids operate. PingThings uses advanced sensor technology to provide information for their big data platform. Their sensors can also be used to monitor assets like high-voltage transformers and step-down transformers.


Actility employs IoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) communication to reinvent the way the energy sector operates. Actility provides an app that lets telecom operators and utility workers access information from the user’s internet-enabled box.


Tibber is a personal assistant that can regulate a house’s energy consumption and buy more energy if the need arises. Currently available only in Norway and Sweden, Tibber helps homeowners reduce their energy usage. Tibber accomplishes the reduction in energy use from a smartphone app.


Wattz is implementing solar power solutions that rely not on the sun’s light, but capturing ambient light from LED and compact fluorescent bulbs to recharge the batteries in IoT devices. Beyond just relying on indoor light and recycling energy, Wattz brings a new level of efficiency to solar power.

Positive Energy

Positive Energy uses IoT devices and software to optimize the functional efficiency of industrial buildings and smart homes alike. They bring behavioral analytics into the equation to help maximize efficiency without sacrificing on comfort.


Smappee is driving innovation in the area of sustainable energy usage. They incorporate the needs of both the consumer and the environment when designing their product. Smappee allows users to turn devices on and off remotely. It also has the capability to monitor solar panel output values and gas and water usage in real-time.


GasZen brings IoT into the propane market. GasZen allows customers to convert their traditional “dumb,” or non-networked, propane tanks into smart tanks that can be monitored by both the gas provider and the user remotely.

75 Fahrenheit

75F has been mentioned here before on Disruptor Daily in our top disruptors in IoT climate control as linked at the beginning of this article. Beyond their ability to predict and adapt to changing climates, they offer analytics and suggestions on how to make the operation of a building more efficient.


Inspire Energy is giving citizens the power to become a part of the growing clean energy movement. Inspire offers curation of smart home tools and items for everyday use. Members also offer reviews of the latest smart home gadgets so you know what works and what doesn’t.

Verdigris Technologies

Verdigris Technologies is building a SaaS platform to reduce the operation costs of corporate facilities. Their primary target is energy consumption and waste. Corporate waste of electricity is a multi-billion dollar issue, and sustainability officers in virtually every corporation on the planet likely need some help managing the waste of their company.

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