Top 10 InsurTech Companies to Watch in 2017

  • 3 March 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

Everyone wants to feel like the things we care about most are protected, but the changing landscape of insurance technology is altering the way we do it. Even Google has jumped on the trend of investing in insurtech companies, according to CB Insights. 

These ten promising insurtech companies are changing the face of insurance and will stay on our radar throughout 2017.


Synchestra is building an insurance technology platform in the cloud. Their claim is to enable customers to “synchronize and orchestrate” their finances for a better experience in buying life and health insurance. Although the service is still in pre-launch, you can sign up for their newsletter on their website.


Insure A Thing

Insure A Thing understands that most insurance customers are unhappy with their services, especially when they have to make a claim and receive no empathy. They care so much about their customers’ happiness, they don’t even ask for insurance payments up-front. Instead, they take a fee from settled claims. Right now, they are starting with bicycle insurance, but we could see the model take off.



Trym is taking on a hugely important task to solve problems for small businesses—increasingly important as more people become entrepreneurs. Trym helps small, micro-businesses (0—19 employees) get business insurance without having to deal with the lengthy and complex processes larger businesses must undergo and for much cheaper. They claim users can get micro small business insurance in 180 seconds instead of the traditional 10 weeks. They’re set to go live in 2017.



GenLife is combining disruptive technology into a new insurance platform. They use distributed ledger technology (blockchain), artificial intelligence, and the cloud for high-quality insurance and customer experience for a low cost. They are still in the R&D phase.



Teambrella is using a truly disruptive method of offering insurance. In a way, they aren’t offering it at all. Teambrella is P2P (peer-to-peer) insurance that uses blockchain technology. So, those people in your “team” pay your claims, and you pay theirs. If no one has a claim, everyone keeps 100% of their money. You have the option to vote on everything within your team including claims, rules, and new members. You can currently try the demo on their website.


Neos Ventures

Neos Ventures is combining smart home technology and insurance. They provide protective smart home tech, add monitoring and emergency assistance, and then cover users with home insurance—all included in a mobile application. Their m.o. is all about prevention. It even covers urgent problems up to £1,000 via approved tradespeople, and that’s aside from the actual home insurance policy.




Lendy sees the trend toward a sharing economy and is creating insurance to cover that. They focus on short-term car insurance that lasts as little as an hour. For example, if a user needs to be covered for a friend’s car for an hour or two, they can sign up right from their phone in about a minute. Although not yet launched, users can sign up for early access on their web page.




Wrisk is bringing insurance into the future by creating a platform that makes sense to a younger, more connected generation. Rather than the clunky form-filling processes of the past, Wrisk allows the user to stay connected with their policy which is meant to be more transparent. It is still in pre-launch.





Not merely insurtech, Heart is a human resource management (HRM) solution. It is meant to put employees and their lives first and offers an all-encompassing, easy to use interface for employees to manage such things as benefits, health insurance, and more. They have a mobile app for easy access.





Margo is trying to nix the “salesy” in insurance in replacing it with something more human. They claim to give personalized, friendly, mom-and-pop type service to help their users find the best and most affordable insurance policy.

What innovations in insurtech have caught your eye recently? What improvements do you want to see in the industry? Let us know in the comments!

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