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Top 10 ICOs Threatening to Disrupt the Media Industry

  • 6 March 2018
  • Joseph Maurice

As the blockchain revolution continues to accelerate, the media industry is not being left behind. In 2017, some of the best blockchain-powered technologies came from the mass media. Through decentralization, the new technology is shifting power from the wealthy few and distributing it to all users.

With the upcoming blockchain platforms, users are now in full control of their data which means that they have a choice to trade it for an income or not to share it at all. This is contrary to the traditional media models where the network operators treat users as a product for income generation.  

Here is a list of what we believe are the best blockchain-powered technologies in the industry and their ICOs. Please note that some of these ICOs have already happened and others are scheduled to happen in 2018.


Telenor is a multinational communication company based in Norway and with operations in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, and Asia. In August 2017, Telenor entered into partnership with Hubii Network, a data distribution startup, to jointly launch a token sale for its blockchain-powered news app, WowBox. As of today, the news app has over 10 million users across Asia.


The token sale for this partnership took place between August 24th and September 7th 2017, managing to fundraise over $7 million.


Peerity is a blockchain project that aims to democratize the world of social networking by rewarding users for contributing to social media. In traditional social media, users’ data is controlled and traded by the central authorities, meaning that users have no control and do not benefit from their data. Peerity will change this by introducing a social media system where users are in control of their data.


Through the platform, users will have an option to share content or receive ads and get paid. The token sale for this project started on February 1st ,2018 and ended on March 2nd.


IQeon is a decentralized, Ethereum-based PvP gaming platform that rewards users with real money for their achievements in a game. The games hosted on the platform are designed to foster critical thinking and motivation in the user’s day to day life.


When two gamers are playing against each other, the conditions of the game are written on a public ledger, and when one party wins, they are paid automatically and by the terms of the game. The smart contracts technology is responsible for the execution of the contract and settlement of disputes. The IQeon ICO opened on January 30th, 2018 and is scheduled to close on the 18th of March.


SKARA is another Ethereum-based PvP gaming platform where players get rewarded for their achievements. In this platform, gamers can play against each other and earn tokens which can be traded in external markets.


The SKARA ICO launched on 23rd January 23rd, 2018 andclosed on the 23rd of February 2018.  The project has so far fundraised over $4 million in one round of venture capital funding.


Gizer seeks to boost the growth of the competitive gaming and eSports economy by providing a real-time digital network that brings together gamers, hosts, and services within the eSports community. The project offers a decentralized platform where market participants can converge and conduct business. Through the platform, users can create tournaments using their mobile phones and reach out to new players to compete against them.


The platform also allows users to list their skills as a service and earn from them and also to connect with businesses looking for advertisement space in exchange for sponsorship. All transactions in the Gizer ecosystem are conducted using GZR tokens. The Gizer pre-ICO took place between November and December 2017, managing to raise $600,000 which is 60% of the target.


TV-Two is a blockchain-powered platform that aims to democratize the TV industry by moving the balance of power from TV networks and broadcasters to consumers. In the traditional TV industry model, network operators control everything including advertising prices, subscription costs, and payout to consumers.


TV-Two will change this by introducing an easy-to-use App for smart TVs that will allow an additional personalized video stream. The TV-Two Ethereum-based system will ensure full transparency and a just distribution of utility among all users.

Through the platform, consumers will earn tokens while watching their favorite videos, content creators will get more exposure on the big screen, and advertisers will be able to track how their money is used in advertising. The TV-Two ICO opened on the 24th of February 2018 and is scheduled to close on the March 23rd, 2018.


Play2Live is a blockchain-powered streaming platform for gamers and eSports fans. Apart from providing users with an opportunity to earn from their hobbies, the platform allows peer to peer interactions and enables customization to meet users’ specific needs.


The ICO for this project opened on February 12th, 2018 and ended on the March 5th.

TokenStars ACE

TokenStars ACE aims to disrupt the celebrity management industry by tokenizing celebrities. The goal is to provide funding and promotion resources to rising stars while allowing the funders to get a return from the achievements of those they back. When an investor contributes to a given celebrity or a group of celebrities, they will receive the ACE tokens.


The value of a token can grow based on the commissions received by the TokenStars’ agency and also on-demand and supply in the open market. The TokenStars public token sale ended on October 31st, 2017, managing to raise $5 million.

Live Stars

LiveStars is a blockchain-powered decentralized webcam platform that provides solutions to the critical issues in the webcam industry. These issues include lack of anonymity for users, security, high commissions and payment delays.

The LiveStars ICO is ended on February 15th, 2018.


TriForce is an Ethereum-based gaming platform that addresses the issues of developer and player protection, revenue generation, and fostering positive communities within the gaming industry. The project aims to create a strong community-driven network where all users can generate income. TriForce has introduced its tokens to be used within the platform and to be traded in the open market.


The TriForce ICO opened on February 20th and ended on March 6th.

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