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Top 9 ICOs Disrupting the Entertainment Industry

  • 24 January 2018
  • Guarav Sharma

The global entertainment market is worth an estimated $2 trillion. While traditional entertainment sources like cinema, radio, and TV are still alive and kicking, the real growth is being driven by content delivered over the internet. From video streaming services to digitally distributed games, and from stay-at-home concerts to eSports – there is a truly remarkable amount of quality and specialized content available.

Despite this overabundance of content – there is still room for even more customization and potential for even better quality content. We now have start-ups offering Virtual/ Augmented Reality streaming, new types of unbiased news services, music-oriented social media platforms and so much more. In this article, we explore these exciting new developments in the world of entertainment and the top 9 ICOs that are disrupting the entertainment industry.


Moozicore is not targeting individual users with its music streaming service but rather businesses like bars, restaurants, and gyms which need thematic background music.

This is an important distinction because such commercial use requires special licenses to be issued by the content providers which is entirely handled by Moozicore. 

Additionally, patrons at the business location can download the app and influence which song is played next by voting or adding songs to the list.


This product seems like the perfect example of one of those things that you always wanted but didn't even realize existed!


Who would have thought that you could connect your TV to the Ethereum blockchain?

TV-TWO wants to bridge the gap between traditional TV channels and streaming services like YouTube and Netflix.

The idea essentially is to provide a channel with customizable content to the user via their Smart TVs.


Advertisers can then give tokens to consumers to watch their ads (you can watch as many or as few ads as you like) and consumers, in turn, will use these tokens to reward their favorite content creators.

A great example of how revolutionary new ideas can reinvigorate aging industries.


TheWorldNews has declared war on fake news. In an era where news sources have become suspect and users are bombarded with information from all sources, the team behind this projects wants to filter out the rubbish from the reliable.

Their newsbot sorts through hundreds of thousands of news items and saves the relevant stories on the blockchain.

It then uses neural networks and complex algorithms to assess the authenticity of the content based on certain criteria and assigns a trusts rating to each source. And voila! No more fake news!


Pindify is a marketplace for music, arts, podcasts, articles, events and other media content. Content providers can open a store on the platform and use that to sell content or subscriptions.

What distinguishes it from existing platforms is an ad-free experience and the ability to interact with the content creators more closely using the platform.


Pindify is not just a marketplace, but also a social media platform for artists and their fans.


Skara is essentially a competitive, team-based melee combat game. What makes it different however is that the devs have added blockchain into the mix.

This means that players can buy, sell or trade in-game assets in a transparent and secure manner using Skara tokens.

They can also participate in eSports competitions where rewards can be handled over the blockchain.


Bonus Game Review: If you are wondering how the actual game is, it has 61% positive reviews on Steam currently. That might seem average but bear in mind that the game is still in early access and there is a lot of optimization to be done and additional content to come.


Virtual Reality headsets took the world by storm last year and retail numbers have been steadily rising ever since.

One of the main hurdles to even faster growth has been the lack of sufficient content of adequate quality.

This is where Prosense comes in. They want to deliver live VR content, broadcasted using a decentralized network of partner nodes who are compensated via Prosense tokens.


Copyright protection and payment are also handled on the blockchain itself.

TriForce Tokens

Triforce offers anti-piracy tools to game developers as well as allowing for trading of game assets.

But that's not the exciting part.

The exciting part is that it has a unique honorary system which rewards gamers who collaborate and work well with others.

TriForce Tokens – Dashboard

This system works across gaming platforms and across games. Meaning that when you decide to play with someone online, you know beforehand if they are reliable and a “good sport”.



Video game streaming and eSports emerged as surprising new categories in the entertainment industry.

There are already platforms which allow streaming, but they have certain limitation which the Play2Live team intends to eliminate.

Economic Model – Play2Live

They want to create a highly specialized system for video game streaming and eSports which allows for personalized interaction, customizing how ads are delivered, and increasing revenue opportunities for content creators.


Using a Virtual Reality headset can be an enchanting experience.

And CEEK wants to use that VR technology to bring music concerts right to your home!

What's really impressive are the kind of top media houses that they have already tied-up with.

You can see concerts by artists like Katy Perry, U2, Lady Gaga, Elton John and many more.

It's a great alternative for those too lazy to buy a ticket in time or travel half-way across the country for a concert!

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