Top 10 Healthcare Conferences of 2017

  • 20 March 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

We are 3D printing living tissue out of bio inks, using artificial intelligence to find and create new drugs, using IoT tech to assist with NICU breastfeeding, and modifying genes to make bacteria smell like spearmint on our kitchen tables. The combination of disruptive technology and healthcare has created some staggeringly innovative companies in recent years.


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This year, some of the best minds in the healthcare and tech industries will be convening to spread and grow their ideas for a better, healthier mankind at the following healthcare conferences.



 HIMSS 2017

February 19-23 in Orlando, FL

Ticket price:

Ranges from $465 to $1,285


HIMSS is a massive 5-day conference which features speeches from the CEO of IBM and former Speaker of the House, John Boehner. HIMSS expresses a strong forward-facing vision on cybersecurity, cooperation, and innovation. Across the 5-day long conference, there will be information available about practically every aspect of the healthcare industry. They even have their own event-exclusive mobile app.



The Healthcare Blockchain Summit 2017

Mar. 20-21 in Washington D.C.

Ticket price:

$695 for healthcare providers and industry

$1095 for all others including finance community


The Healthcare Blockchain Summit 2017 is an initiative based in Washington D.C. which brings professionals from projects like HyperLedger to heighten collaboration on topics such as patient information protection, quality of service, and increasing efficiency in pharmaceuticals. They will have a speaker from IBM and a post-event extra workshop that costs $300 for admission. If you are looking for the cutting edge in healthcare tech, the Blockchain Healthcare Summit 2017 is for you. Beyond healthcare, this conference also made our list of top blockchain events to attend in 2017. 


San Jose Health IT Summit

Apr. 13-14 in San Jose, CA

Ticket price:

Ranges from $995 for students and government to $1,995 for vendors or consultants


The San Jose HIT conference will cover subjects related to patient data security and application of business intelligence to the healthcare sector. Fusing large amounts of information with patient preference could make for a more satisfying experience at the doctor and ideas along these lines will be discussed at the event. 


Academy Health – Health Datapalooza

Apr. 27-28 in Washington D.C.

Ticket price:

Ranges from $395 to $895

Rates are discounted for students, government attendees, and developers


Academy Health’s Health Datapalooza brings more than 1,500 individuals together and encourages participation from government agencies. For example, The U.S. Dept. Of Health and Human Services (DHHS) will be attending the conference this year. Datapalooza is designed to help incorporate the benefits of open data into the healthcare industry.



World Health Care Congress 2017

Apr. 30-May 3 in Washington D.C.

Ticket price:

Contact them via their website for attendance pricing. They offer in-person or webinar attendance


The World Health Care Congress of 2017 is set to feature a keynote by the CEO of Blue Cross and Blue Shield (NC) alongside the CEO of the Aspen Institute. Focus for this conference will be primarily healthcare policy, mergers within the healthcare sector, technology integration, and incorporating new payment technologies for higher patient satisfaction.


IHealth 2017

May 2-4 in Philadelphia, PA

Ticket price:

Ranges from $430 for early registration students (before Mar. 16) to $1,320


IHealth 2017 is promoting advancement in many areas of healthcare by encouraging students to attend the conference at a significantly reduced cost. IHealth’s itinerary focuses heavily on improving healthcare infrastructure and care availability for patients while increasing the use of information to target the general approach to healthcare and increase patient satisfaction overall.





Health 2.0 2017

Oct. 1-4 in Santa Clara, CA

Ticket price:

Normal tickets are $1,999 but if you register by May 31, you can grab yours for $1,499


Health 2.0 sees more than 2,000 executives gather at their event on average and they expect to see more than 150 product demos at the 2017 Fall Conference! Health 2.0 has the patient’s best interest in mind and it really shows given some of their past speakers—including representatives from the U.S. Dept. Of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and 23andme.





Nov. 1-3 in Palm Springs, CA

Ticket price:

Delegate admission: $4,950


TEDMED is bringing in startups for their 2017 conference in Palm Springs, CA to assist in the development of life and other sciences, public health, and other core facets of the healthcare industry. Although the speakers have yet to be announced, attendees can expect to see speakers from all walks of life, both in and outside of the healthcare industry. Every day of the conference begins with a healthy breakfast and some physical activity to promote the well-being of attendants and help get their creative juices flowing.



Personal Connected Health Conference

Dec. 11-14 in Washington D.C.

Ticket price:

Ranges from $195 to $995 depending on income and student or government status


PCHA has made it their mission to help enable and encourage innovation within the healthcare sector by bringing students and government employees into the conference at a reduced rate. This allows for them to bring not only the established minds in their field but also the fresh ideas of a collegiate environment together in one place for collaboration on some of the biggest issues in healthcare.


2017 National Forum on Quality Improvement in Healthcare

Dec. 10-13 in Orlando, FL

Ticket price:

Ranges $375 to $1,300

Group discounts are offered


The 2017 National Forum on Quality Improvement in Healthcare is hosting a number of influential keynote speakers, among these speakers is Donald M. Berwick, co-author of more than 150 scientific articles. The purpose of this event is to gather feedback from their community and implement changes so that customer care can improve. The Institute for Healthcare Improvement is also offering scholarships and reduced-price admission for students and critical medical facilities.



What tech-healthcare crossovers do you expect to see in 2017? Do you know of other healthcare conferences that should be on this list? Let us know in the comments below!


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