Top 10 FinTech Companies Disrupting Banking

  • 15 May 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

We all want to know that our money and our data is safe. We also want to know that we’re getting good rates and that our good behavior with our finances actually makes a difference. When we make a payment, we want to trust that it will go through, charge us correctly, and make it to its destination safely. And we want all of it fast.


Banking and payment financial technology have grown exponentially in just the past few years thanks to tech like blockchain, artificial intelligence, and big data. These crossovers are making for faster, safer processes and lower prices for individuals and businesses alike.


Check out the top ten banking and payment fintech companies to watch this  year:



Wyre has developed a cross-border payment and foreign exchange (FX) engine that encompasses hundreds of asset management and liquidity providers to reduce the time required to send payments internationally. Wyre boasts transfer speeds under 6 hours internationally, significantly faster than the traditional SWIFT or bank wire transfer networks.






Xendit is a payment processing infrastructure provider that covers the southeastern Asia region. Among the services offered through Xendit are bank transfers, card processing, and escrow services. Xendit is improving the efficiency of payment processing in southeastern Asia to accommodate modern tech and financial companies alongside traditional businesses.






Xero offers accounting professionals and small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) with more than 600,000 customers a cloud-based accounting software. Xero provides their clients with cash flow process insights, payments accounting, invoicing, and many other services all on one platform. Xero is helping SMBs and accountants manage their financial reporting with more efficiency.







N26 is a financial platform dubbed as “Banking by design”. N26 allows UK customers to open accounts in minutes, perform withdrawals at any ATM, and pay with the N26 MasterCard. Users can access their finances from their phone, giving them increased financial freedom by removing the need for them to transact through a desktop or laptop device. N26 is reinventing the modern banking account.








Circle is focused on changing the consumer economy. Circle is working with investors to provide more accessible and secure in-person payments. Circle is backed by industry-leading banking firms like Goldman Sachs and IDG to the tune of over 100-million dollars in financing. Beyond making in-person and mobile payments more secure, Circle is also working to reduce the cost of in-person and international payments as well as the time intensity of global payments.





Simple unifies accounts under one card and splits the net interest margin from lending across all of the partner banks in its network to help simplify the customer experience. Simple has grown to accommodate more than 100,000 customers. Simple processed more than 1.7-billion dollars in transactions in one year.






Earnest is using data science, design, and software automation to allow their clients to manage their existing finances and debts while opening up new opportunities for well-behaved clients to see better interest rates and more options. Based on their credit score, clients may be able to refinance their student and personal loans for a more preferable interest rate. Earnest has garnered nearly 100-million dollars in funding.






Featurespace has developed and deployed artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions for financial service providers in more than 180 countries. Featurespace has even deployed solutions for TSYS, one of MasterCard’s largest third-party payment processors.







InstaMed is a healthcare payments processor that sees billions of dollars worth of transactions on their network. InstaMed has changed the healthcare payments industry through the use of their easily-integrated, private cloud computing network. InstaMed is working to reduce costs and increase patient data security.



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