Vancouver is known for awesome inventions like–strangely enough–the California Roll, which was invented by a Vancouver chef. But they are also becoming known for high-tech solutions from companies like the ones in this list. They are working in everything from 3D printing to space videos to virtual reality to cryptocurrency and more.


Check out the top ten most disruptive companies in Vancouver!





Wiivv helps you leave your footprint on the world. Using 3D printing and perfect capture technology, Wiivv generates custom-fitted footwear and orthopedics for their customers based on input from their smartphone app. Wiivv is coming to Kickstarter on March 23 for early release.







UrtheCast is a satellite 4K video service that offers near-real time feeds of video from 8 pairs of satellites in constant orbit around the Earth, UrtheCast offers cloud-free imagery of nearly any location at practically any time of day. The camera layouts on UrtheCast’s satellites offer Ultra-Hi-Def footage in 30fps.







Semios uses wireless networks to bring constant monitoring to agriculture. With Semios, users can monitor the condition of their crops as well as execute real-time pest control with fluidity and ease. Semios combines these features with a simple, user-friendly interface so adapting is easy.





Coin Payments

Coin Payments provides a cryptocurrency checkout system for businesses. The interface accepts several different currencies–bitcoin and litecoin are two such currencies. Coin Payments doesn't stop at checkout, however, they offer several other tools for merchants to accept cryptocurrencies like shopping cart plugins.







Linquet gives users a way to save time when they may normally be seeking out lost items. Linquet gives users a small device to clip onto their important belongings which allows them to locate it with ease. Linquet devices emit a noise if they are about to go out of range so users don't forget their belongings, saving users as much as 14 days per year on average.






Stambol Studios


Stambol creates deeply immersive virtual and augmented reality environments for use in real estate, architecture, brand management, and more. Stambol VR and AR displays are compatible with Oculus, VIVE, Gear VR, and mobile VR platforms. They offer an entrancing user experience to increase the impact of a brand or scene on an individual.








CongitiveVR provides enterprise-level analytics for VR. Users have a seamless split testing engine for split testing and collecting visual information about the individuals using their VR environment.






Aspect Biosystems


Aspect focuses on biological 3D printing applications. They use their lab-on-a-printer to enable medical professionals to grow the biological parts they need to help their patients recover. They hope that in the future, organs will be grown, not taken.






Archiact Interactive


Archiact Interactive develops full VR experiences for their clients from the design of the environment to the brand promotion and localized advertising. Archiact has also provided funding for VR operations in the past.





Perch is a video service that connects users to their friends and loved ones any time of day. The service is growing and expanding, soon to be available to the public for use. Until then, You can visit their site to be added to their mailing list.



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