Top 10 Disruptive Technology Companies in Paris

  • 12 May 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

Paris, the city of love, appears to also have a deep adoration for disruptive technology. The Parisian streets are lined with innovators and disruptors in the realms of augmented reality, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and much more. These top ten disruptive companies are combining cutting edge technology with the artfulness Paris is known for offering.




Check out the top ten disruptive companies in Paris!




Augment is an augmented reality company that lets companies and customers view 3D-modelled products in augmented reality at-scale before buying. Using a mobile device, users can place a product in their environment through the AR overlay to see how it will fit and how it will look. This can drive significant profits by helping to remove buyer uncertainty. It also works for designers and architects to share models of their work.






CerbAir provides businesses and consumers with the technology they need to protect their physical and intellectual property as well as other facets of life and business from civilian drones. Their anti-drone solutions range from signal neutralization to net launching to “eliminate” the mischievous drone. They can also simply alert customers when a drone is nearby.






3D Sound Labs

3D Sound Labs is bringing some of the best consumer electronics producers together in order to create the world’s first immersive 3D headset. The headphones will likely be used for movies and gaming alongside a slew of VR applications for the most realistic audio immersion currently available.







Ledger “builds a distributed trust layer to bridge the real world and the blockchain.” They create trustworthy hardware solutions such as cryptocurrency wallets, but they also make hardware oracles for IoT environments and hardware security modules for enterprise clients. Among their commonly known hardware wallets is the multi-currency Ledger Nano-S.







Jam is a chatbot that integrates natively through SMS into the lives of students. Jam helps students discover fun and new ways to spend their free time. Jam can suggest restaurants, public activities, bars, and more. Jam can even recommend areas for users to just relax and take a walk.







HoloLamp has designed the world’s first augmented reality projector that is both readily portable and requires no mobile device or special glasses to experience. Instead, the HoloLamp can project images onto surfaces and even comes with a built-in AR chess game.  Since it comes with a Unity development kit, the uses for HoloLamp are virtually limitless.








Clim8 provides wearable technology in the form of clothing that continually monitors the user’s body temperature, activity, heart rate, and more. Then, after analysis, it is able to regulate body temperature in cold environments. The sensors are actually woven into the fabric, so the garments can monitor all-over temperature. Clim8 has an accompanying smartphone app that can be user to change user temperature preferences.







ChronoCam is disrupting classical vision sensors by using a more biological approach to capturing and translating signals into “vision”. ChronoCam has seen much higher efficiency and performance with the biological model than with traditional vision sensors. ChronoCam brings an entirely new level of possible depth to VR and AR technology, letting users see the VR world through more human eyes.







JellyNote incorporates AI into a set of master classes to allow musicians and aspiring musicians an effective and communal place to learn and share their tips. Not only does JellyNote provide users with video representations of how songs are played, it provides them with a visual and audio representation of the song’s sheet music that plays at a variable tempo for user convenience.






Plume Labs

Plume Labs provides users with air quality and pollution forecasts. They cover many major cities across the world with their forecasts and can help users avoid the most polluted areas. Plume Labs gives actionable insights each step of the way towards cleaner air to breathe and a healthier body.




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