Top 10 Disruptive Technology Companies in Hong Kong

  • 10 May 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

Did you know Hong Kong means “Fragrant Harbor” for the spices, incense, and silk that were so frequently imported there? Modern Hong Kong is a friendly hub for high-tech companies harnessing disruptive technology such as IoT,  data analytics, wearables, and robotics.





Check out the top ten disruptive companies in Hong Kong!



FlyingCodes is a mobile-to-machine communications research vehicle that aims to set the standard for how people interact with the IoT in the wild. Much like how infrared-based communication opened the door for traditional remote controls, FlyingCodes hopes to bring back the “remote control” user experience for communicating with the massive number of devices that users encounter daily.






Banuba develops augmented reality applications using artificial intelligence for object and facial recognition. In February 2017, they received $5 million in funding from Larnabel Ventures and VP Capital. Banuba’s AR/AI solutions even go so far as to recognize human emotions.






Spincle is reinventing the way everyday smartphone users interact with their environment. Gone are the days that required a specialized 3D camera to capture 3D photos and video. Users can now generate and share 360 degree VR content with their smartphone camera including real-time video capture.







Arist combines mobile-to-machine (M2M) communication with a formidable knowledge of coffee-brewing best practices to ensure that every cup is consistent with the best flavor and aroma possible. Arist communicates with users’ smartphones and through near-field communication (NFC) with specific cups so users’ drinks are perfect every time.







PassKit allows marketers and business owners to integrate unique, location-specific user experiences or sales on small and large scales via mobile wallet communication. Similarly, mobile wallet communication allows businesses to distribute loyalty rewards to their customers quickly and digitally. PassKit also has built-in analytics so businesses can fine-tune their active campaigns.







Lamplight Analytics

Lamplight Analytics is the frontrunning Asia-based consumer communications analysis platform. They analyze hundreds of millions of conversations and inputs from social media and traditional media alike in order to gather a better understanding of the public opinion. Ultimately, the information allows businesses and social influencers to better target their audience by sentiment as well as interest.






Insight Robotics

Insight Robotics focuses on protecting the world’s forests from natural disaster through risk assessment and improvement of technology. One of Insight’s flagship projects is their advanced wildfire detection system which uses long-range thermal cameras to detect temperature anomalies that may indicate an impending fire.






GROM provides custom-fit, 3D printed orthotic sandals for their customers. In order to purchase GROM footwear, patients have their foot scanned by their doctor who prescribes a specific type of sandal. After receiving the prescription, GROM begins creating the fitted sandals for the patient using cutting-edge 3D printing technology.






Doki Technologies

Doki Technologies has designed and built 3G enabled smart watches for young children. The smart watches designed by Doki are more than just an attractive accessory, however. The watches act as a voice/video calling device and a smart locator with messaging capability in case a child is separated from their parents.








DGIM uses AI and Weather forecasting to design the most efficient flight paths possible for UAVs. DGIM reports that some operators have experienced a 200-300% increase in flight time on fixed-wing aircraft as a result of optimal thermal and weather conditions.





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