Top 10 Disruptive Ethereum DApps (Decentralized Apps) and Projects

  • 13 March 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

Ethereum is a major player in the blockchain scene that was once fully dominated by Bitcoin. However, the Ethereum network is being used for more than its cryptocurrency capabilities.

Because records are stored by all of the users in a blockchain network, the immutable quality of the technology creates a secure system where the validity of information can be verified. This works especially well for finance applications and helps defeat transactional fraud, but distributed ledger technology has applications in an extensive number of industries.

Because of this, Ethereum has spurred the creation of numerous decentralized apps (DApps) based on their blockchain tech. Common themes right now include gambling apps, lotteries, and 1M ETH homepages reminiscent of the Million Dollar homepage of the early dot-com era.

Most of the DApps on this list can only be accessed fully using an Ethereum-compatible browser such as Mist.



Here are the top 10 most disruptive DApps so far:


FirstBlood is bringing blockchain technology to esports. Those of you who have read some of my previous articles know that I also work in esports and am co-owner of a growing gaming organization, so, with that background, I believe I can strongly say that FirstBlood is the platform esports has been waiting for.

No more quibbling between teams or trying and waiting to get decisions overturned thanks to toxic players who report dishonestly. Using blockchain smart contracts and oracle machines, FirstBlood can, itself, verify the winner and send payouts accordingly. FirstBlood could be a key player in brightening the attitudes of competitive esports players into something more positive and professional–a much-needed reprieve from the toxicity of recent years.


True to form, FirstBlood has a Twitch channel so that interested parties can keep up to date.


Alice.Si is on a mission to restore humanity’s trust in charities by holding funds in smart contracts so that donors only pay if the charity makes an impact. It helps keep charities honest and lets donors rest easy knowing that their money is actually going to a good cause.


Gnosis is a crowdsource predictions platform that uses the Ethereum network. Their upcoming apps based on this platform include a gamified app for celebrity predictions, an art pre-auction valuation predictor, as well as a financial markets predictor platform that focuses on expected stock fundamentals.



Coakt is a revolutionary crowdfunding platform that lets users raise not only cash but talent and technology as well in support of their ideas. They’re calling it the “logical next phase of crowdfunding evolution,” and it may change entrepreneurial and startup methods in a profound and positive way.



PatrolX has cited Ethereum as being “critically important” to what they’re doing which is monitoring for data breaches in business settings. They claim to not only protect data but also serve as a deterrent to potential hackers and malicious insiders.



SlackCoin is building a system to reward good communication. Using an artificially intelligent Slack bot and their own currency, SlackCoin, to create a platform to analyze teams’ communications and pay them for communicating better and more efficiently. People learn, grow, get paid, and get things done. What’s not to love?


You can keep in touch with the creator on Twitter here.



BitNation has been covered by BBC, CNN, Wired, New York Times, and other high-profile outlets. It is a blockchain jurisdiction, a virtual nation that is altering the way we look at politics and how we govern ourselves and connect with our peers.

The nation is a proof-of-concept that contains many of the same functions as a traditional, geographical nation including insurance, education, a public notary, identification cards, diplomacy programs including one for ambassadors and another for refugees, and much, much more.

As a Goodwill Ambassador for BitNation, I firmly stand behind the community’s ideals and expect the concept to generate radical changes in our politics as the rest of our technology catches up. Virtual governance that is in the hands of the citizens will be especially important as artificial intelligence grows and as we create more intensive virtual worlds, ones we may soon spend the majority of our time within.


Ethlance is a freelancer platform for to exchange work for Ether rather than traditional currencies. Users can interact with it using Mist or MetaMask.

Swarm City

Swarm City is a decentralized P2P sharing economy. It requires users to have a Swarm City Token in order to pay for transactions in the ecosystem.


Sustainy is a mobile app that helps the user choose what to consume in order to live more sustainably to protect Planet Earth. It lets users track their carbon footprint and contains a social element to compare scores with others. Users also receive badges and rewards for living more sustainably.


You can keep up with them on LinkedIn here.

Are there any other Ethereum DApps you believe should be on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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