Top 10 Disruptive Companies in Tel Aviv

  • 25 March 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

Tel Aviv, Israel, with its 300 days per year of beautiful sunshine and millions of sunbathers, is ripe with disruptive technology. Tel Aviv is filled with young people who are laid back yet always on-the-go and experiencing life to its fullest. It’s no wonder that this booming city is giving rise to major technological advancements.


Here are our top ten disruptive companies in Tel Aviv:




Intuition Robotics


Intuition Robotics is building robotic companions for a better future for our older generations. They help our later-life adults connect with technology, their friends and family, and even helps them lead a more active lifestyle making them happier and healthier.  They received $6M in funding just a few weeks ago, on Valentine’s Day 2017.





Neura helps users both safeguard and benefit from their own data. They tout impressive statistics for boosting user engagement and retention rates for a variety of applications, and claim developers can integrate their AI technology in an hour. Neura’s mix between AI and IoT technology put them on the forefront of disruptive companies on the app development scene.




Beyond Verbal


Beyond Verbal is one the most disruptive companies on this list. In their own words:


Beyond Verbal Communication commercializes patented technology that extracts a person's full set of emotions and character traits, using their raw voice in real-time, as they speak.”


They use this data alongside “Emotion Analytics” to help with decision making and change the way we interact–both with each other and with machines. It can even change the way we think about ourselves. On their site, you can listen to a variety of examples and analyses to better understand what they measure.





SpaceIL is a non-profit who is taking Israel to the moon. The engineers who founded the company entered the Google Lunar X Prize competition several years ago which has spurred growth and increasing amounts of volunteers as well as a $22.4M grant.






Roboteam is the creator of tactical ground robotics systems. They have a headquarters in Tel Aviv as well as a U.S.-based headquarters in Gaithersburg, MD plus locations all around the world. They have deployed systems in 32 countries to date and have received $62M in funding. Their robots are meant to support our troops and guard their safety and wellbeing.





Axonize has created an IoT server to support practically endless applications across most any sector. They claim their server behaves like a custom solution from the get-go, so customers get what they need without having to spend valuable time and money on development. They can support any app, logic, thing, and person or company with their server. They have received $1.8M in funding since February 2016.






Galigu is developing an intuitive VR search interface that users can navigate while in virtual reality, removing the hassle of constantly having to remove a headset. They are using machine learning as well, and users can currently sign up for the beta on their homepage.  






vBrand is a company made for sports sponsors that uses artificial intelligence to help sponsors optimize their ROI. They help analyze brand exposure, post-game impact on the web and social media, placement, as well as determining the actual value of a sponsorship.




Arbe Robotics


Arbe Robotics helps with collision avoidance for drones using their state-of-the-art radar system.

“Arbe Robotics’ radar is the industry’s first ever SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) that provides automotive with real time full 4D mapping.”





Is a bitcoin company that rewards users simply for texting. Users can send bitcoin via text as well as the native currency, GEMZ. They have an app for both Apple and Android.



Do you know of any other disruptive companies in Tel Aviv? Let us know in the comments below!


About Cas Proffitt

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