Top 10 Disruptive Companies in Singapore

  • 24 March 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

Singapore is a happy, young city-state with sunflowers in their airport, a diverse, rich culture, and a slew of companies with a penchant for technological disruption. The streets of Singapore feature companies using tech such as machine learning, blockchain, virtual reality, robotics, and more.



These ten companies in Singapore make a statement with their innovation:




SelfDrvn is a SaaS-based application that gamifies training and integrates social media to help optimize your workforce and encourage employee engagement. Making training fun helps make employees more satisfied, and, as a result, more productive.



Synapse Technologies

Synapse Technologies is transforming the average cafeteria into a managed and highly efficient environment. They service several aspects of cafeteria operation–payments, ordering, and line management. Synapse is working to integrate service robots into their business model.







Otonomos is pioneering the world’s first blockchain-chartered company. Otonomos will allow shareholders to hold and exchange assets in a very similar way to the operational model for Bitcoin.





KAMARQ helps you expand your world by making it easier to interact with your friends and loved ones. They offer smart home technologies like sound tables for just such a reason. Integrating traditionally non-technical devices with IoT technology is a great way to help people interact.





GoCoin is a B2B payment processing network that allows traditional retailers to transact on blockchain networks and accept bitcoin for payment with a 1% transaction fee. GoCoin recently merged with Ziftr to provide a wallet solution in addition to their payments platform. GoCoin received $2 million in seed and series A funding.





Plunify is a machine learning and analysis company that provides analytic tools to engineers who service field programmable gate-arrays (FPGAs). Plunify gives engineers the freedom to analyze and fix problems without the need to change their code–an invaluable improvement in terms of time and efficiency.




CtrlWorks is a cloud robotics company that works to give mobile platforms a cheap and simple upgrade which enables autonomous direction and shared connectivity. Their innovations will be invaluable in the coming IIoT revolution for supply chain and service providers.


Find them on LinkedIn here.




Infinium Robotics


Infinium is developing intelligent unmanned systems. The advances made by Infinium are revolutionizing the supply chain and service industries by allowing drones to carry out inventory and deliver food and drinks to patrons. Infinium also provides Skysure, “The world’s first insurance coverage for private and commercial drone users”







CircosVR creates VR experiences and applications for brands. If they determine that you have a compelling enough story, they will work with you to generate an immersive marketing campaign in VR. CircosVR has worked with luxury brands with rich histories to create beautiful and fully-immersive marketing collateral.







Avanseus is a company that uses AI for enterprise applications. Currently they are developing a solution for predictive maintenance and intelligent monitoring for telecom and IoT devices. Avanseus will be attending the Mobile World Conference in March 2017. They have worked with the state of California as well as broadband providers.





Tuple Technologies


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About Cas Proffitt

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