San Diego is a beautiful city filled with white sand beaches, California burritos stuffed with french fries that are the size of your forearm, medical marijuana, art, and technological disruption. The city is so overflowing with innovation, in fact, that it was hard to whittle the list down to ten.



These are our top ten disruptive companies in San Diego, California:




SkySafe is making our airspace more secure by offering the capability to take control of drones that are behaving recklessly or have less-than-savory intents. Drone companies are popping up everywhere, and, as such, the devices become increasingly available to the public. With live monitoring, real-time detection, and notifications of drones within users’ airspace, SkySafe not only lets users know about potential security threats, but also helps them mitigate the threat by taking control of any impeding drones.



Shield AI


Shield AI is also bringing safety to the DoD using artificial intelligence. Their technology helps robots and UAVs observe their environment, gather intelligence, and collaborate. Shield AI is helping save lives, and has received over $2M in funding.




Brain Corporation


Brain Corp builds AI software to convert old manual equipment into intelligence systems that can sense their environments, people, avoid obstacles, and complete tasks autonomously. They also offer software to remotely control machines to handle more complex tasks. One of their products is an artificially intelligent floor cleaner that allows janitorial stuff to focus on other tasks, making everyone’s lives a little easier. Devices like these are the future of many industries ranging from food to healthcare to manufacturing and everything in between.





NetraDyne is combining multiple disruptive technologies, namely IoT, computer vision, and deep learning, and pushing them to their limits. They’ve already received $16M in funding. They specialize in timely data, commercial vehicles, and driver analytics to help determine the causality of events. They specifically provide data relevant to fleet managers.



Aero Glass


Aero Glass has created an augmented reality visual system for pilots with glasses that put their relevant information right in front of their eyes, so they never have to look away from the skies. They have a 360 degree display capability, artificial horizons, flight plans, and tons of other information to reduce fatigue on pilots, keep them aware, and save lives.





AstroPrint is also combining disruptive tech–3D printing and the Internet of Things. They let you “slice, store, and print your 3D files from any web-enabled device.” You can also monitor your printer from afar. They also teach users how to create their own free AstroBox using a spare Linux board on their website.




MetaCell is combining big data with neuroscience. They offer an interactive 3D brain data browser for researchers to explore the fly brain. They helped create open-source Gepetto alongside Open Source Brain for researchers to collaborate and explore simulations of the latest data in computational neuroscience.

Their mission is to integrate and organize biophysical information into predictive computational models of living systems.”



Arctica Health, Inc.

The mental health industry is a long underserved niche in terms of technology, especially of the disruptive variety. Arctica Health is using artificial intelligence predictive analytics to analyze huge amounts of data to help user’s understand their own mental health including changes that could lead to crises. By pre-emptively alerting users so they can seek help or manage accordingly, Arctica Health is saving lives.


Data has become its own form of currency, and helps protect it. Using artificial intelligence, the system learns what documents are most important in a company and detects breaches and threats in nearly real-time. They keep the most important data from being stolen by letting users know immediately if there is a threat.





Nervana is using deep learning to create the most efficient platform to solve machine learning’s most pressing problems. They are helping healthcare, agriculture, automotive, energy, finance, and more. Nervana supports Neon, the fastest deep learning framework in the world.




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