Philadelphia, widely known as the birthplace of the best cheesesteak we all know and love, flavored with Cheez Whiz. What many people don’t know is that the city has been home to many of America’s greatest firsts—first zoo, hospital, newspaper, and medical school.  Of course, it was also home to America’s first birthday. It makes sense then that these ten groundbreaking companies have made Philadelphia the home of their headquarters.





Exyn Technologies

Exyn Technologies creates drones that don’t need a human to control them. Their drones are fully autonomous which means they are capable of sensing their environments and are a perfect fit for commercial use. They work with both onboard and swarm intelligence to allow for pilotless flight. 


Neuro Native Labs

Neuro Native Labs is working with one of the most disruptive technologies in the scene right now—blockchain. Currently, their research is with using blockchain applications for insurance and retail, and they are currently looking to partner with industry leaders. Because blockchain is affecting much more than FinTech and is expanding outside the world of cryptocurrency into applications such as gaming and upcoming smart cities like Dubai, this Neuro Native Labs has a promising appeal for those seeking disruption in Philly.




LocoRobo also made our Top 10 Companies Disrupting EdTech list, so  it’s not surprise they are leaders in innovation within their home city. They create robotics learning products for children and adults to give hands-on experience in programming, IoT, sensors, mobile applications, and more. They are teaching the skills necessary for the future to all generations in a fun and entertaining way.




Ghost Robotics

Ghost Robotics is creating legged robots that feel the world around them and react to their terrain accordingly. Their patent pending technology allows for robots who know how hard to push on a given terrain so they are safe and careful without using the capacity to be both quick and strong. The company includes PhD candidates at the University of Pennsylvania alongside an experienced (two and a half decades) entrepreneurial leader. Check out their homepage to quickly see one of their creations in motion.






Termaxia is still in “stealth mode,” but the founders of the company as well as the funding they’ve received appears to be promising toward their goal—disrupt how big data is stored. They received $100K in funding less than a year ago towards their technology which is currently patent pending. We hope to know more soon. Until then, you can keep in touch with them on LinkedIn.



Keriton is a biotech IoT company that is transforming breast milk management with offerings such as automation of inventory for bottles, etc., analytics of lactation production, workflow notifications, and photo sharing that let mothers, nurses, and NICU infants connect. They received a $1M seed on February 16, 2017.




Lifeblink is a memory capture platform. The system lets user capture memories via photograph and subsequently categorize and order them chronologically. It can be used for children, lost loved ones, businesses, and anyone else to capture the most important moments in life an easily share them.


You can keep download their app from the app store and also  keep up with them on Facebook here.




Nimbits is a PaaS (platform-as-a-service) company that helps developers create on scale from the tiny—like a Raspberry Pi—to the huge—like Google App Engine or Amazon EC2—to allow all of a user’s devices to connect with one another and be triggered by user-defined events.




Biobots also made our list of disruptors to watch in 3D printing. They have created a 3D bioprinter that fits on a desk and prints living tissue. Their machines and bio-inks have already been implemented by many universities to aid in research such as testing drug treatments on printed tumors and printing bone samples.


Sidecar Interactive

Sidecar Interactive is a well-funded ($16.67M) machine learning company that helps retailers get the most out of shopping platforms. They use programmatic advertising to get listings in front of targeted consumers.




Runner Up:

Love Park Robotics

The focus of Love Park Robotics is perception, and they specifically target OEMs who want to build state-of-the-art solutions.


“Their flagship platform, CoPilot, enables sliding-scale autonomous navigation of service vehicles both indoors and in dynamic, outdoor environments.”


Their new website is set to launch soon with more information about their machines’ sensing capabilities.



Do you know of any other companies that should be on this list? Let us know in the comments below!