Top 10 Disruptive Companies in London

  • 26 March 2017
  • Cas Proffitt



London, the fashion-forward city that houses the remains of some of the world’s most prolific writers and philosophers, is also a bustling hub for technological disruption.

These ten companies are among the most disruptive in all of London:





Elliptic is a system designed to check for illicit activity on the Bitcoin blockchain. The Elliptic system provides actionable intelligence to the correct authorities or financial institutions based on the information it uncovers in its audits. Elliptic has assessed more than $2 billion in transactions so far and that number continues to grow. Scaling an investigation no longer means scaling a team. Elliptic has the processing power to deliver the insight quickly and accurately.




BenevolentAI is a UK-based project that was designed to assist with scientific discovery on a global scale. This project has garnered $100 million in only one funding round. BenevolentAI’s two biggest areas of focus are biology and technology. Specifically drug discovery and AI applied technology.



Massive Analytic


Massive Analytic is revolutionizing the way big data and predictive analytics are used in conjunction. Massive Analytic is currently working to establish a persistent threat evaluation video surveillance platform. They have won several awards including top 20 in the August 2012 Microsoft Azure accelerator. Massive Analytic makes big data more friendly by allowing users to import information from several different sources.



Chatterbox Labs


Chatterbox Labs work to design and implement full-fledged machine learning systems in merely days. They host their own classifiers and work with massive amounts of unstructured data to ensure that both long- and short-form data can be interpreted when building their unique solutions. They only sell via their partners, and they provide all of the source code for each solution on-site. Chatterbox claims to reduce 2000+ man hours worth of data classification to 10 seconds per month while noticeably increasing accuracy with their machine learning solutions.





Cleo is an artificial intelligence designed to help users with financial planning and money management. Cleo can integrate natively with Messenger and your text message service in order to better help you manage your money. Cleo is an artificial intelligence personal assistant with PCI DSS Compliance to make sure your credentials are never handled by Cleo directly.



Big Data for Humans


Big Data for Humans (BD4H) is an automated big-data-science-as-a-service customer insights platform. BD4H  gives marketers a whole new platform to collect customer information and generate more lucrative marketing campaigns. BD4H focuses mainly on the retail and travel industries, but any industry could benefit from having such a powerful predictive analytics system assist with their data analysis.



Starship Technologies


Starship Technologies has brought the future to realization. Drones can now bring packages to your door or dinner table. Starship’s delivery bots have become autonomous to such a degree that they can cross the street safely and travel to locations 30 minutes away from their home base. They can carry more than just mail, in fact, they can carry food to a table and other things as well. Starship’s unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) can deliver curbside service to areas within 30 minutes of the nearest hub and make it home safely.





GYANA is an AI-based startup that was designed to help locate and digest trends in data. GYANA combines the ability to monitor emotional responses from Twitter with a devotion to changing the way we see the world. Best of all, GYANA allows you to tap into a live data stream and capture the most relevant bits of information.







Echobox has revolutionized the way content is produced. Echobox is an AI startup that has taken on clients such as VICE and Vogue to assist with the development of their social media resources. Echobox combines maths, data science, and machine learning to create an adaptive AI that “understands the meaning of content”. EchoBox has become marketed as “social media management for news publishers”.



Desktop Genetics

This company is also featured in the Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Companies Disrupting Healthcare.

“Desktop Genetics is a bioinformatics company specialising in CRISPR sgRNA design for cell line engineering, drug discovery and clinical cell therapies. Now almost five years old, Desktop Genetics applies market-leading machine learning approaches to genome engineering projects for researchers all over the world.”



More Major Disruptors in London (because 10 is just too few!):



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