Dallas has given rise to some well-known companies many of us have come to love (like 7-Eleven), and now they are bringing us high-tech projects that are influencing the modern world. Where they once filmed several scenes from Robocop, now real-world robotics come to life.




Dallas is  a hotspot for disruption, especially in the fields of augmented reality, robotics, and artificial intelligence. Check out the top ten disruptive companies in Dallas, TX:




RoboKind is producing expressive and interactive robots to aid in the education of children and adults alike. The R25 can educate on STEM topics and university research or assist with behavioral education for autistic or non-verbal individuals. You can repeat any lesson as many times as you would like, and the ability of the R25 to show facial expressions and move gives it a more relatable appearance.





Connect2.me is an aggregate source for IoT developers and platforms to come together and share their work. C2M doesn’t limit themselves to only IoT connections, however. APIs like Twitter and Blogger interfaces can also be found on their site with information and statistics available to other developers.



Groove Jones


Groove Jones is a VR studio that designs 360 degree ads and interactive apps for businesses. Groove Jones recently filmed an ad for TASER International titled, “Is Today the Day?” for use at the 2016 International Association of Police Chiefs Conference. The objective of the ad was to put the chiefs in the position of an officer during a tense situation.




ParkHub is a parking optimization tool suite for keeping customers happy while increasing revenue and reducing employee workload. ParkHub has two tools currently available: Prime and Portal. Prime is a payment processor that can accept credit cards even while offline. Portal is the optimization interface that lets users see when lots are getting full so they can direct other customers elsewhere. Live Nation used ParkHub and earned an extra $750,000 in concessions within one quarter.




Yseop is an enterprise-grade AI that is capable of generating reports at a speed exceeding 1,000 pages per second. Yseop’s products Savvy and Compose are capable of turning raw data and spreadsheets into a readable and easily digested narrative. Compose outputs the narrative in English or a number of other languages. Yseop can build custom solutions to fit with your company’s data needs.



HAWK Defense


HAWK Defense provides analysts with insight and tools to respond to cyber threats that may have been previously unrecognizable. eyeCon is the analytics platform that HAWK provides to assist with monitoring and response. eyeCon monitors not only system activity and user activity, but also provides users with a live feed of potential threats. eyeCon is compliant with standards such as PCI DSS, SOX, and HIPAA.





Nectar creates intelligent, IoT-enabled indoor farms with the goal of setting human kind onto a sustainable path with our food consumption. Nectar designs and produces each farm to close in on their goal of sustainably feeding humanity, no matter the location.




Aireal allows customers to generate location based AR visuals that can be viewed with phone or AR headset. Areal offers stunning graphic quality and 2D, 3D image or video projections. Aireal wanted to create seamless AR projections in the real-world, so they did. Aireal uses their patented “markerless” AR technology to synchronize AR events to a specific location via latitude and longitude.







Flux is an IoT-based growing solution for vertical farming. Eddy is the bot’s name and he changes the growing conditions for your plants based on what you decide to grow. Eddy goes into the water source for the plants. Eddy is currently available only for small operations, but he comes packed with knowledge from farmers all over the globe.







Spacee provides AR technology without the need for glasses or smartphones. Spacee is based on an interactive projection overlay that users can touch. Their demonstration showcases a Mercedes-Benz interacting with a user and offering various bits of information about the car. Spacee’s product can be used with other everyday items like a table or a wall.



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