Top 10 Disruptive Companies in Chicago

  • 17 March 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

Chicago, the city of wintertime “dibs” and deep dish pizza also lays claim to some impressive innovation. Both artificial intelligence and Internet of Things companies hold firm ground in Chicago, but the city also has opportunities in big data and virtual reality.

Even if the green river only shows up during St. Patrick’s day, the cash flow towards disruptive technology in Chicago continues to paint many companies’ bottom line a similar hue.




See below a list of the top 10 disruptive companies in Chicago:


Hologram is an IoT service provider. They take it several steps beyond traditional IoT device offerings and sell users the necessary equipment to connect their IoT devices to mobile networks with ease. The kits that Hologram provides operate on 3G signal bands and allow for easy, reliable connection via a SIM card or other kit offering.



Narrative Science


Narrative Science offers a truly innovative solution to the problems we face with big data–most notably, the inability of people to natively interpret the data. This is where Narrative Science comes into play. Narrative Science incorporates AI into the big data realm to turn data into a written narrative that is easily understood by end-users and analysts alike.





Monument uses AI to sort your photos by camera, location taken, or even via facial recognition. Monument stores no information which means your information is harder to compromise. All photos are stored on your devices and organized via Wi-Fi. In the event that you have a large amount of data to store, Monument is compatible with a gigabit internet connection via ethernet cable.





FueLoyal is an IoT-based solution to two of the trucking industry’s biggest issues–fuel theft and fuel card misuse. FueLoyal has developed a fuel system insert that measures the fuel taken into the tank and then compares it to the fuel bill on the company account. FueLoyal boasts as much as $950/month per truck in fuel savings.







CancerIQ has brought patient quality of service to a whole new level. They are using AI to make sure that patients receive customized care with a scalable, data-based platform. They allow users’ businesses to track changes in the patient’s condition, evaluate patient risk, and reduce the cost of offering such a personalized degree of care. CancerIQ also helps medical practices stay up to date on the latest in cancer-related genomics.






Solstice is an innovative technology consulting company that drives their customers into new markets with rapid development from concept to marketable product or service. Solstice has built their brand on helping to ensure their customers bring the best product for their consumers to market the first time. An agile model allows them to correct as they progress.







LyteShot is an augmented gaming and media IoT software and hardware provider. They bring monitoring devices and controllers to consumers who seek a next-level experience. LyteShot is an open and real-world game platform. The environment is simulated through the use of augmented reality glasses.  Beyond just pulse weapons, they offer a variety of accessories for the LyteShot system. LyteShot is bringing gaming into the future.


Embodied Labs


Embodied Labs is a virtual reality medical care startup that teaches medical students what things are like from the patient’s perspective. Using VR technology, Embodied Labs can show what aging looks like from the first-person perspective as opposed to showing the students photos from a textbook, giving them much better insight into the patient’s situation.



rMark Bio, Inc.


rMark Bio brings researchers and students to the attention of medical professionals based on their research activities, not based on their reputation. Breaking down the reputation wall of research is an important step forward in getting innovative research to market. By offering the platform for researchers to connect to industry professionals, rMark Bio has taken the first step to bringing them together.




HeadRehab uses cutting-edge virtual reality gear to efficiently test recovery, reaction time, and balance of athletes. HeadRehab is normally used to test the degree of recovery in injured athletes, but it has uses beyond this within the athletics realm. Determining when someone has recovered ensure athlete safety so they aren’t going onto the field before they are back at 100%.


Are there any other companies in Chicago that you think deserve to be on the top 10 disruptive companies list? Let us know in the comments below!

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