Top 10 Disruptive Companies in Boston

  • 24 March 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

Boston is the home of delicious New England clam chowder, The Pixies, frigid winters, and numerous disruptive tech companies. Although we can hope the hardcore punk scene is still alive and well in the city, we can be certain that their technological progress will keep expanding in the coming years.




These ten disruptive technology companies in Boston are leading the way:





Neurala is a deep learning algorithm based on an animal brain due to its size and computation efficiency. Their first project was establishing an AI for NASA that could use cameras and microphones like eyes and ears. The device also had to be able to learn quickly and run on batteries. Neurala succeeded and has since brought the Neurala Brain to the public market to progress IoT devices like smart cars and to increase the efficiency of computers–be they a single board or a full-blown enterprise machine.



Rethink Robotics


Rethink Robotics has developed an open platform for academic and industrial adaptation. They deliver a machine with sensors and adaptability built in so that customers can adjust its performance or develop customized programs for the robot. Rethink Robotics is devoted to advancing robotics along with how humans integrate them into our daily lives. Rethink offers robots that are capable of carrying out intensive tasks in an enterprise or industrial setting.






Jibo is a family-friendly AI that actively tries to get to know and work its way into families everywhere. Jibo can learn new skills and interact with you and your family any time he sees you. Jibo can do many things from telling your children bedtime stories to participating in family game night. Whatever his interaction, he is sure to become part of the family. Jibo also showed up in our list of the Top 10 Robotics Companies to Watch in 2017.







Mylestone combines the AI called Alexa with photo recognition to bring your photos and memories to life. No matter where the photos are stored, if Alexa can access them, she can tell you a story based on the images. See their website for an example of this awesome new technology. Keeping old memories alive has never been easier. Just ask Alexa to tell you a story about something.




Deep Information Sciences, Inc.


Deep has changed the way we organize information. We want our data and we want it now. deepSQL allows a database to easily scale into the hundreds of billions of rows and still retrieve data quickly through the use of an AI. deepSQL uses machine learning and cloud-based implementation to keep your data ready at a moment’s notice. But the storage size of deepSQL is truly amazing. deepSQL has been tested to handle more than 1 trillion rows.






Cortex has a heavy focus on marketing using the power of AI. Cortex uses AI to determine the correct times to post, what kind of content your audience wants and analyzes your competitors in real-time. Gaining and keeping competitive advantage are two very different tasks that Cortex can optimize in one fell swoop.




Lux Research


Lux focuses on primary research so that it can provide actionable intelligence to the startups that are developing today’s emerging technologies. Beyond just intelligence, they provide startups with business connections and insight to help them retain their competitive advantage once they have it.





Biomiic aims to be the next generation of biomarker identification technology. They offer detailed information about the makeup of any bacteria or virus. Biomiic utilizes AI and big data to offer their analysis quickly and at a relatively low cost. Biomiic wants to supply the next generation of bioanalysts with the technology that they need to complete their jobs.

You can keep up with their founder on Twitter here.




Osso VR


Osso VR is a surgical simulation platform for training up and coming medical students as well as helping veteran surgeons prepare for their operations. Osso VR uses advanced hand tracking so that you can pick up and use medical tools naturally on the virtual patient. Because Osso VR has a high degree of motion accuracy, it can be used for nearly any form of simulated surgery.






Do you know of other disruptive companies in Boston, MA that deserves a spot on this list? Let us know in the comments below!


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