Top 10 Disruptive Companies in Bangalore

  • 5 May 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

Bangalore is a fast-growing metropolis filled with technology professionals, engineers, motorcycles, and tech companies. It makes sense, then, that the city would also be swimming in disruptive technology. The city of Bangalore has players in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, big data, and payment processing.


Check out the top ten most disruptive companies to watch in Bangalore!



Sigtuple incorporates artificial intelligence into the medical industry to speed up the process of diagnosing a patient. Sigtuple increases the accuracy and speed of treatment by making the diagnosis phase of patient care more efficient. Sigtuple does not stop at bringing AI to the table; they offer hardware to make telemedicine easier to use.






ZestMoney is an online lending service that supports e-commerce by allowing customers to finance their purchases at checkout. ZestMoney also makes automated credit and financing decisions with loan collection service built-in.






Playment uses gamification and labor crowdsourcing to solve complex problems in business. By splitting tasks into tiny pieces and distributing the parts to several members, Playment brings high-speed problem solving to problems like AI training, lead generation, and text analysis. Playment has shown significant growth since they launched in 2015.





Artivatic Data Labs

Artivatic Labs is offering new levels of insight into the consumer’s mind. Artivatic is opening up the door to a highly personalized, collaborative environment which businesses and consumers alike can participate in. Artivatics’s platform allows users to be more in control of various aspects of their lifestyle such as use of time and interactions, as well as their health and activities.






PromptCloud reduces the amount of unrelated information retrieved from data mining and web crawling. PromptCloud offers targeted and specific data retrieval on a large scale. More than just targeting the type of information that PromptCloud retrieves, you can determine the format it will retrieve also. For example, you can target specifically reviews or blogs.





Dataswft is a machine data lake and machine learning information provider. Dataswft allows users to use in-memory processing to increase their processing efficiency by several times. Dataswft can process information in quantities exceeding 50-Terabytes in less than one second.Dataswft is also a more energy efficient information processing platform than traditional solutions.






Vehico is a toolkit for vehicle fleet optimization. Vehico integrates vehicle tracking, vehicle analysis such as speed and state of movement on a minute to minute basis, vehicle performance information, and driver data collection. Vehico gives suppliers the information they need to improve the efficiency of their delivery fleets.






GazeMatic converts 2D images into 3D environments, allowing engineers and architects to turn their 2D blueprints into a 3D VR environment that their audience can really immerse themselves in. GazeMatic allows simple drawings to become a world that developers and engineers can use to give their counterparts a more solidified understanding of the diagrams and drawings.






SnapTrude is an intelligence-based architecture and interior design platform that brings 2D floor plans to life in seconds. SnapTrude allows real estate developers and architects to offer a quickly-formed 3D model of the space as well as allowing users to import pre-designed furniture to compliment the space according to their design plans.



Manthan is an enterprise-grade big data platform that has garnered more than 100-million dollars in funding so far. They offer many solutions for their customers including market research, consumer analysis, and personalized customer segmentation and targeting. Manthan uses their big data analytics to provide customers with insight into virtually every aspect of their business from sales and supply to customers and efficiency.



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