Top 10 Disruptive Companies in Toronto

  • 9 May 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

Did you know that 130 different languages and dialects are spoken in Toronto? It’s no wonder that the city is filled with disruptive technology thanks to the sheer number of ideas and backgrounds floating through the streets. Toronto is home to such futuristic technology as quantum machine learning, 3D printing, drones, virtual reality, and so much more.


Check out the top ten disruptive companies to watch in Toronto!




Firebird is a quantum machine learning startup that is helping data-heavy companies make use of the business intelligence at their disposal. They deploy autonomous AI solutions that don’t require a data scientist or machine learning expert to operate. Their software is designed to operate on the most complex computing equipment to date.





Matter and Form

Matter and Form is a 3D scanning developer that offers scanners for use with any existing 3D printer or 3D printing company online. Matter and Form is making it 3D scanning available to consumers for use with 3D app and game development.







DreamQii produces light, flexible drones for use in photo and videography, as well as by hobbyists. Their drones can be easily controlled from mobile devices on the ground using their software. DreamQii believes that technology can be utilized to increase productivity. They have designed their drones to do just that.






Discovr Labs

Discovr Labs produces educational VR content that immerses students in their education. The benefits of immersive learning include a much more emotional and lasting impression of the information on the learners using the technology.







Receptiviti analyzes behavioral and linguistic patterns to determine an individual’s mood, personality, decision-making style, and other key features. Receptiviti uses only 300 words to determine all of these characteristics. Receptivity is working toward enabling AI with emotional intelligence.







Cyclica analyses data for drug discovery and analysis. Cyclica helps drug manufacturers reduce the time for discovery and time to market for new drugs. Beyond drug combination, the AI platform also evaluates the efficiency and safety of the drugs it suggests.







JanusVR builds a VR interface into the open internet, allowing users to explore and collaborate freely between environments. JanusVR turns websites into fully immersive VR spaces where users can interact in virtual space to play games or perform other actions.






Deep Genomics

Deep Genomics provides a window into the operation of various diseases and how they interact with the human genome. Beyond genome interaction, Deep Genomics can even determine the production of biomolecules and which diseases will impact which bodily functions. Deep Genomics incorporates AI to make the analytics platform adapt to large data sets and identify patterns.







Meta is advancing the capabilities of predictive analytics engines and attempting to make all scientific information readily computed. Meta uses AI to form patterns in modern data to help predict the way technology and science will progress through the days to come.







Xanadu is a recently-founded research lab that is focusing on advancing artificial intelligence and related technologies. They do not have much information available, but they have described their work as a “Quantum leap in artificial intelligence”. They are currently operating in stealth, but we hope to see more from them soon!




Do you know of any other disruptive companies in Toronto that deserve a spot on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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