Top 10 Disruptive Childcare Companies

  • 23 May 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

If there’s anywhere at all that humans put all their resources and innovation, it’s with our children. We often want the most advanced, safest products for our kids to feel as though we are offering them all of the opportunities they deserve. Disruptive technology has made its way into products and solutions for babies and children, and modern kids can experience things that you and I only dreamed of.


Things like interactive media, virtual reality, wearable technology devices, and robotics kits are just a few of the options in the everyday lives of kids and parents today, thanks to disruptive companies like those listed here.


Kids aren’t the only ones benefitting from this technology either. Parents are also receiving help from tech like artificial intelligence which makes their lives just a little easier–that way they can share in less stress and more smiles with their kids.


These ten disruptive tech companies are offering high-tech solutions for children are on our radar for 2017.




Nanit has made what appears to be the most advanced baby monitor ever created. The stand is sleek, has a night light, and can play white noise and other sounds. It’s got zoom and night vision. But the really awesome part? It uses machine vision to actually learn your baby’s movements to alert you to their current state, and even saves video history. All the data is encrypted and HIPAA compliant.  For what it is, the Nanit monitor is surprisingly inexpensive, with the basic setup starting at $279 at the time of this writing.





Good Parents, Inc. – Kiddo


Kiddo is the world’s first wearable health and activity tracker made just for kids. The device will give real-time insight to parents about the health habits of their children to help foster healthy habits early. The bracelets aren’t yet available, but the wait list is 10,000 strong and still open for signups.




Robo Wunderkind


Robo Wunderkind helps kids as young as five learn the basics of programming and how to build robots. The programming is done via a phone or tablet and uses a colorful, visual programming interface to make the process easy to understand. These building toys foster creativity and experimentation, all the while preparing children for a future filled with technology.





Happiest Baby

Happiest Baby is the maker of the SNOO, which is probably the most futuristic baby bed of all time, and has already won 2017 awards.


The bed has a minimalist, sleek style with mesh sides. It tends to baby’s needs, rocking faster and playing womb sounds for an upset baby, and soft rain and gentle rocking for a sleeping baby. It also offers an impressive swaddling system that attaches to safety tabs within the bed to keep baby on his or her back all night long.







PenguinSmart is an MIT-developed system for parent-led speech rehab. It uses machine learning as well as professional insight to help parents create a daily habit to rehabilitate delayed speech. This lets parents practice with their children whenever and wherever, and may even be more effective than professional therapy in some instances.










TantrumXYZ is a social outlet for parents to connect with others who understand their struggles and can laugh with them through the good times. Tantrum offer tips, reviews, information, and a community for parents. They even offer videos for parenting hacks. Parents and expectant parents can sign up for free.


You can keep in touch with them on Facebook here.





Remora Tracking


Remora is a patent pending, tiny sensor that can be stuck on practically anything from favorite toys to the inside of kids backpacks. It uses low-grade cell signal so it can be tracked from anywhere without it needing to be near a phone.


It offers real-time monitoring via Google Maps so parents can verify the location of their children and even pets to ensure safety and wellbeing for everyone.






JOY is the creator of the Octopus watch which may be the best habit helper, time-keeping item for kids ever. It’s a watch that does display the time, but is designed for children under eight who may not yet fully understand the concept of time.


Alongside the time, the watch also shows an image of what “time” it is in terms of activities to help kids facilitate healthy habits. For example, it might show a toothbrush or a goldfish bowl to teach kids to remember to brush their teeth and feed their pets.




Novel Effect

Have you ever been reading to your kids and thought, “Wow, that would be an awesome spot for sound effects or theme music?” Novel Effect is making that dream a reality.


There’s no need to use a screen either. Your screen can stay off while you read your kids a print book, and Novel Effect will offer synced-up soundtracks and effects for this magical time of learning and imagination. What a great way to facilitate an early love of reading.  





Joyray Tech – JUMPY


Joyray Tech is the creator of the JUMPY and JUMPY PRO watches for kids ages for and up. The new version is a cute wearable for kids that is waterproof and shatterproof and offers watch functionality, interactive games, bedtime stories, and important security features.


The wearable supports 3G calling and messaging, voice notes, and a smart locator for parents. This smart watch helps kids understand time while also keeping parents calm about their location and safety.


Do you know of another disruptive childcare company that deserves a spot on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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