As technology continues to advance, cyber security becomes more relevant than ever. While it was vitally important in days when only our computers and phones were connected to the web, it is even more so now that our trashcans, ovens, door locks, thermostats, speakers, and every other item you can think of are also in the connected sphere.


Beyond the IoT, artificially intelligent systems that control massive amounts of data, big data itself, the entire drone industry, and the many “as-a-Service” companies mean that the infrastructure of modern society can be threatened in the face of major cyber attacks. An instance of a simple IoT hack that was relatively cheap for the perpetrator, the Mirai botnet, practically brought the internet to its knees in October of 2016.  



Tech-savvy groups are coming together at conferences all over the world are coming together to protect our future, our data, and our infrastructure. Check out the top 10 cybersecurity conferences of 2017:


Jan. 13-15 in Washington, D.C.

Ticket prices:

The event has already passed in 2017. Look out for them in 2018, but be quick. They sold out in under 10 seconds this year!


ShmooCon is all about sharing information. The first day of the event was full of quick presentations, while the latter two days were scheduled into three different segments—”Build It!” “Belay It!” And “Bring It On!” Each segment featured a different set of courses to help attendees expand their horizons. The professionals at ShmooCon gave presentations on cochlear implants, threatcasting, and micro-services.



Cyber Security Summit Denver

Mar. 1 in Denver, CO

Ticket prices:

$50 for government and Military or $350 for executive admission


The FBI and DoJ will be presenting speeches alongside some corporate entities like IBM. CSS Denver was established to connect C-suite execs to well known security experts and other talent. David Cass (CISO, IBM) and Dave Mahon (VP and CSO, CenturyLink) will be speaking at the event.



SecureWorld Expo Charlotte

Mar. 2 in Charlotte, NC


Ticket prices:

Range from $30 for general admission to $625 and  “contact us for VIP or advisory information”


Insider threats and social engineering are two of the greatest threats to any company’s data. If employees don’t have an established procedure for dealing with insider threats and managing potential phishing or social engineering attacks, then they are less likely to refute or even report the attacks.



SANS Pen Test Austin 2017

Mar. 27-Apr. 1 in Austin, TX

Ticket prices:

Range from $689 to $1,199 for each track (6 days each) at the conference

Core NetWars admission is $1,520 and runs from Mar. 28-Mar. 30


The SANS Institute hosts an annual event for penetration testers. Many security professionals believe that penetration testing is an integral part of any cyber security plans, because seeing your system from the inside can lead to an elevated, inaccurate picture of how secure the network truly is. Penetration testing requires signed contracts and clear provisions in order to be executed safely–but when done properly, it is one of the absolute best ways to identify network vulnerabilities.



Mar. 20-24 in Heidelberg, Germany

Ticket prices:

Admission costs 3,390EUR but is sold out for 2017.

Student discounts are available!


TROOPERS is a multi-faceted cybersecurity conference which focuses not only on distributing the information, but also on giving directed types of information via their three event tracks; one is a new track that focuses specifically on SAP security. This year marks the 10th TROOPERS conference.



InfoSec World

Apr. 3-5 in ChampionsGate, FL

Ticket prices:

Range from $1,995 to $3,895


InfoSec World brings in minds from various industries together for the sake of increasing the capability of systems across nearly every industry of dealing with cyber threats. Speakers come from companies like Ford, Raytheon, and Aflac.




May 4-5 in Chicago, IL

Ticket prices:

Range from $68 for general student admission to $298 for VIP passes or $8,000 for an honorary “OPER” ticket.

Sold out for 2017, but 2018 has yet to be opened for sale!


THOTCON is a non-corporate, non-profit hacking convention with a low cost of admission and a vibrant attendee base. THOTCON is a small event based in Chicago, IL and tickets sell out in minutes, if not seconds, every year. The location is revealed to attendees and speakers only one week before the event is set to kick off. Any proceeds are put into the subsequent year’s conference!



Black Hat

Jul. 22-25 in Mandalay Bay/ Las Vegas, NV

Ticket prices:

Contact them via their website for registration information!


Black Hat has displayed a number of different hacks that can be executed against a system or its users. In fact, the conference showed that, previously, the users are often the weakest part of a system. As machine learning and other similar technologies evolve, we should expect to see the frequency of these attacks increase. Plus, your time spent at Black Hat may yield ISC credits!



RSA Conference Unplugged

Jul. 26-28 in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Ticket prices:

Range from S$650 to S$950


RSA conference is one of the most renowned conferences in the cybersecurity industry. The next RSA conference is taking place in Singapore. If you missed the London and US conferences, be sure to check them out next year. RSA covers a wide range of topics including healthcare and astrophysics. The Feb. 16th event even featured a speech by the former MI5 director!



Jul. 27-30 in Las Vegas, NV

Ticket prices:

$260 for admission–all admission is the same price


DEFCON is one of the oldest and longest running cybersecurity events with many competitions and hacking expos. Some exemplary individuals taking part in the events may even be awarded the “Black Badge” which allows them free entry for life. A very common event at DEFCON is Capture the Flag. Other events may include scavenger hunts and live music. This marks the 25th DEFCON event.



Are there any cybersecurity conferences you feel belong on the list? Let us know in the comments below!