Top 10 Companies Disrupting the EdTech (Education Technology) Industry in 2017

  • 11 March 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

In recent years, websites that allow anyone to teach a skill have grown in popularity. Before that, online universities and free class offerings opened the world of higher education to a much broader audience. But these aren’t the only disruptions to education, and 2017 is offering these ten companies who are changing the EdTech (education technology) landscape for the better.




Transtutors is blending artificial intelligence and tutoring. They already have a 1 million question strong Q&A database and online tutor chat, but now they are working to create a machine learning assistant who can help give students hints to push them to solve their own problems with just a bit of help. They offer study help for a wide variety of subjects including physics, computer science, accounting, and so much more.






Nightly is changing homework. They offer automation so that teachers can create, assign, and grade homework without spending the countless hours that have been required up to this point. “Create” assignments doesn’t quite cover it. This is not a system where a teacher must input an assignment by hand to have students complete. Rather, a teacher can input a text and via machine learning, the application will “read” the text and determine the key concepts in the text, then proceed to generate questions. After the teacher tweaks the questions to the their liking, they can send the assignment to all of their students using only one button. Nightly even scores the assignments and quizzes itself.






Datateach uses machine learning and big data analysis to help users become better teachers with more successful students. It analyzes classroom data and gives insight into individual students to allow teachers to adjust accordingly.






Klassroom is a parent-teacher communication app for iOS and Android. It keeps parents and teachers better connected while also preserving the private information of both. They can share pictures, video, audio, events, locations, and documents via the app in a much more time-efficient manner than traditional methods. With Klassroom, parent-teacher communication is instant.






Cerego also uses machine learning to assist in the learning process. Use statistics such as the forgetting curve and distributed practice formulas, Cerego helps uses learn better and remember longer—anything they want to learn. Cerego helps users learn how to learn using science.






InfiniTeach is an autism learning platform leveraging the power of technology. Their Autism Core Skills app for iPad teaches via lessons that combine social, communication, and academic skills.






PennyOwl helps parents raise financially-savvy children. Their application even involves a family-friendly store to help guide purchasing decisions. One intriguing aspect PennyOwl is their app “Allowance” which helps parents guide children about their spending decisions even from the time they are very young, and allows you to give your children balance statements, one-time bonuses, and more. They have a secure, COPPA-approved app on both Android and iOS.






emotuit combines facial expression recognition and engagement analytics to support e-learning. This helps teachers determine the level of engagement their online learning content is offering students and also where to improve. As online learning becomes more commonplace, this tool could prove invaluable for remote teachers.






LocoRobo harnesses the power of doing by allowing kids to self-pace through hands-on activities using robotics so they can learn programming. They use robotics hardware and high-tech mobile apps to give kids the tools and room to learn about cutting edge skills. Of course, with these skills also comes training in IoT skills, sensors, and more. And it isn’t just for kids. Professionals, university students, and practically anyone else can benefit from LocoRobo.






CLANED gathers data about student interaction with the learning space and aggregates that data to show student performance, learning orientation, and characteristics which can then be used as feedback by teachers. It even seeks information on students’ motivation, stress, mood, and, of course, knowledge level. With this data, teachers can tailor their behavior based on student needs for the most effective education for all.


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