Top 10 Big Data Conferences of 2017

  • 23 March 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

Big data—although the term has been around since the late ‘90s, it is still disrupting the business world today as the amount of data we can collect grows exponentially. The problem big data seeks to solve is to make sense of all of that data and to turn it into something actionable. With companies like CenturyLink now offering BDaaS (Big-Data-as-a-Service), access to an in-house data scientist in order to reap the benefits of big data is a thing of the past.

The world’s brightest leaders are gathering all around the world at big data conferences this year to discuss some of the biggest questions in big data this year—how do we expand outside of Hadoop, should we focus on variety instead of volume or velocity, and how will we interact with IoT and machine learning?—all questions posed by Tableau about big data trends in 2017.



Apex Big Data World 2017

Apr. 4 in Mountain View, CA

Ticket price:  $99

Apex Big Data World, an event for Apache Apex, is one of the most disruptive big data conferences on the West Coast and is hosted by DataTorrent.  The Apex community is now more than 40,000 members strong and growing every day.



Collision – B1nate.i0

May 2-4 in New Orleans, LA

Ticket price:

Ranges from $227 per individual in a tech startup group, $687 for general attendance,  up to $4,680 for access to the speakers lounge and VIP networking lounge. (These prices are if you buy before you arrive.)

Among the most relevant conferences for the big data industry at Collision is binate, a conference asking important questions in the data science industry:

  • “How can businesses adopt a data-driven culture?”

  • “What is the best way to sync data science and marketing teams?”

  • “How can a startup apply data science to decision-making?”


Open Data Science Conference

Oct. 12-14 in London, UK

Ticket Price:

Not yet released, but you can sign up to be notified when they become available!


ODSC will be featuring speeches from Emily Glassberg Sands, Chief Data Scientist at Coursera and  Miriam Redi, Yahoo Labs research analyst, among other notable speakers. The event will feature four separate conferences across three days and cover topics such as big data science, machine and deep learning, and, of course,  data. The disruptive topics and high-profile speakers make this event a must-attend for 2017.




Innovation Summit 2017

Feb. 28 in Chicago, IL

Ticket Price:

Ranges from $957 for government and academic attendees to $9,500 for a seat at the VIP table.

Group discounts are offered!

The Economist’s Innovation Summit is a renowned conference which covers subjects including customer-centric focus, IoT for revenue generation, digital disruption, and virtual reality. The event is intended for C-level and senior execs to interact, share ideas, and help one another learn to innovate smarter. 




Disruptive Innovation Week 2017

Mar. 30-31 in Sydney, Australia

Ticket price:

Range from A$3,549+10% at GST to A$4,949+10% at GST

Disruptive Innovation Week is set to bring together people from every step in the disruptive innovation cycle including thought leaders, VCs, and startups. This conference focuses on the heart of data—research. Their conferences cover many business aspects of research including collaborations with universities and startups, R&D tax incentives, and they even offer speed networking sessions for attendees. 





Big Data Innovation Summit 2017

Apr. 19-20 in San Francisco, CA


Ticket price:

Ranges from $600 for an on-demand pass to $2,695 for an all-access pass

Hot topics at this year’s Big Data Innovation Summit include data governance, predictive analytics and modeling, and data science and strategy. The event aims to give a platform for forward-thinking tech minds to share their ideas and works. The conference will be turned into eConference footage for attendees viewing at a later date, but the in-person networking is invaluable.






Big Data in Biomedicine

May 24-25 in Stanford, CA


Ticket price:

Range from $200 for early registration academics to $800 for on-site general admission


This conference held by Stanford’s School of Medicine was conceived with the intent to advance biological research and improve medicine through the use of big data. Through big data, attendees hope to create a world where patient preferences are at the forefront of a medical environment that can predict and prevent diseases before they ever occur. 






Strata+Hadoop World

Mar. 13-16 in San Jose, CA


Ticket price:

Ranges from $1,795 for a bronze pass to $2,595 for a gold pass


Strata+Hadoop World will be focusing on finance, government, and media applications. Hadoop is still a big name in big data, of course, but they will cover plenty of other disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT, cloud-based architectures, and much more to show the power of data at work. 

IDC’s Big Data and Analytics Conference 2017

Apr. 20 in London, UK

Ticket prices:

Contact them via their website for registration information.

IDC's Big Data and Analytics Conference 2017 is dedicated to helping businesses find and maintain a competitive edge through the use of big data and predictive analytics. During this 1-day event, they will cover topics such as how to monetize data, big data integration with IoT, cloud transitions, and which analytics are right for which business problems. 

DTIM Europe 2017

Nov. 20-21 in Berlin, Germany

Ticket prices:

2.695EUR+VAT for individual attendees and up to a 50% discount for group purchases.


DTIM Europe 2017 will have more than 300 international experts and users. The price also includes the cost of a networking dinner and access to all of the case studies and other materials that will be used at the conference. Topics they cover include industrial IoT, innovation management strategies, and much more (and that's only day one!)  



Do you know of other big data conferences that should have a home on this list? What do you expect to change in big data in 2017? Let us know in the comments below!

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